Sunday, April 01, 2007


We've been tagged for the first time ever. Sharlene and her Spice Cats have challenged us to give 5 Reasons Why We Blog. So here goes:

1. Because cats demand their part of cyberspace along with their bit of the sofa.
2. Because Scoop and Au adore talking to cat fans.
3. To raise awareness so that new cat lovers understand a bit more about cat thinking.
4. Because only the Net is big enough to showcase Scoop's curly tail and Au's fat tummy.
5. Because it's fun to tap keys and chase the mouse and watch stuff change on screen.

And now I'm tagging:

mind-graffiti Home of Mobee!
New Cats On The Blog Horatio loves his show kitties...
See Ming's Big Planet No cats but lots of rocks and travel pics.
Kajang Town Because I used to live here and Flipper has 3 cats of his own!
Sccarfs Pet Connection Blog Doing a good job for Subang Jaya's strays...

Kitikata has lucked out... my connection broke off as I was adding her to the list!

PS: for some reason this one post won't allow comments. Don't ask me why; it's the mysterious way of software. You can comment on all other posts though. Sorry for the inconvenience.