Thursday, May 31, 2007

Logomania Beautiful Blue

Logomania is out again with Beautiful Blue...Rich with associations, blue features in many colourful expressions.

I'm very interested in how cats see colours.

For the longest time many people insisted cats can't see colours. However, cats have rods and cones in their retinae just as we do. However, from the number of these, it is assumed that cats see as we do but aren't quite as good at distinguising subtleties.

So you can ask your cat to sit only on the blue chair and to keep off the yellow, green and red furniture, but your kitty will have difficulty distinguishing the biscuit coloured throw rug from the straw coloured throw rug next to it.

On the other hand cats have brilliant night vision. So when we're trying to distinguish the sofa from the wall, they're shuddering at the clashing colours of the pink pullover you left hanging around on the orange sofa cover!


Kc and Yk said...

Ellen, My cat Push (persian) started shedding and develop skin rash. I fed it with some medication and has stop but neither has it grown back. What else can I do?

Ellen Whyte said...

Hi Flipper,

It depends on what caused the rash in the first place. Basically, cats work just like people when it comes to hair regrowth:

If the rash left scar tissue, then the hair won't grow back on those areas.

However, if the rash was mild and the skin is soft and smooth again, then the hair should regrow. But it can take up to a month.

Scoop has a small scar on the side of his face that was left over from an abscess - it's hairless. But he's lost bits of coat due to slipping through tight wrie fences (I know, he's a dumb fluff sometimes) and those scrapes grew over in a few weeks.

I'd ask your vet about this. And if you know the name of the condition that caused the problem, check it out online.

Good luck!