Friday, June 29, 2007

Ancient Companion

A new study has led researchers to speculate that a certain group of wild cats decided to move in with human servants some 130,000 years ago; not 9500 as previously suggested.

The DNA based study also pinpoints the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East as the spot where this started.

The BBC has an excellent article about this called DNA traces origin of domestic cat.

Also check out the Telegraph article Cats are our oldest friends that mentions dogs have been around people for 15,000 years which means that cats are now man's best friend.

ScoopIt's hard to imagine how Scoop's ancestors wandered over the China Sea to Kuching in Sarawak, Borneo.

Perhaps his catly ancestors hitched a lift from a headhunter warship expedition. After all, even the best Dayak warrior can learn a thing or two from a cat!

Here's the old fluff, having a wonderful time lying about in bed.

PS: Logomania is out again today: From the classics Greek, Roman and other classic tales have inspired some wonderfully evocative phrases. We take a look at some of the most popular classic allusions used by English speakers today.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cats On Tuesday: Disfigured!

Au came in last night with half of his whiskers missing. It's not an attack by a crazed China-man looking for tiny tiger medicine; our daft cat has been rubbing up against our neighbour's hot car exhaust.

We've warned him before about this sort of thing but Au considers every car in the street his, and insists on inspecting them every night when they return to their parking spots.

As a result he often comes home with oil on this chin, and every now and again a rather sad set of whiskers.

Au has gone out for a morning walk but when he comes back I'll try to take his picture. Poor cat, he looks pathetic!

PS a message forwarded by Au Eching on behalf of the SPCA, the Malaysian society for the protection of animals:

Scamper and Snuggles are brother and sister, just 1 month old. They were dropped off at the SPCA Animal Shelter this morning by a man who found them dumped near a lift in his apartment building. Scamper is the big brother, strong, macho and protective of his little sister. Snuggles is smaller, gentle and surprisingly braver than her big bro when it comes to humans ! They're both healthy and oh-so-soft, but frightened and shy. Lots of tender loving care will turn them into leaping, bounding bundles of joy in no time at all !

Little, elfish Dixie is 2 months old, with pretty green eyes. Her fur is black and glossy, with two white patches on her chest. She was found hiding in the engine of a car, and the person who discovered her put her under the guardianship of SPCA. Initially a little wild and skeptical, she is now well-settled and human-friendly. Cheeky, playful and fiesty , she may just be the kitten you've been looking for !

Think you can give even one of these babies a home to call their own ? Please send an e-mail to or call the SPCA office and speak to Jacinta or Pris for more information on how to adopt these lovable furballs !

**As the kittens are still quite young, adopters should have prior experience caring for kittens and have appropriate housing for them. Adoption fees are inclusive of 1 vaccination, de-worming and neutering when they are 6 months old.**

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cool Cat

Au on the batik coverScoop and Au don’t walk; they swagger. They don’t sit; they lounge. They know everyone is looking at them, and they know that they are looking good.

Replete with smug self-satisfaction, our two fuzzies drift through life with an attitude of calm and poise shared by few people - except for a handful of supermodels perhaps.

Au has been particularly pleased recently with the new batik cover on my office chair as its golden brown colours set off his coat to perfection.

Here he is: complete with fuzzy tummy.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

End of the Sofa War

It's been a long two weeks - I've had a terrible fever/flue that knocked the stuffing out of me. Scoop and Au usually enjoy a bout of the flue as it means a day or two hanging about in bed but this time even they became a little bored.

One good thing has come out of it: Au has forgiven whatever trespass I committed: the sofa wars have ended.

First thing in the morning Au rolls about on my office chair until it's time for me to start work. When I touch him on the shoulder he either waits to be picked up and carried to the bedroom or he quietly slides off the chair and continues his snooze on the office rug.

It's good to be friends again!

In response to last week's Katz Tales column I received this hilarious email:

"My Step Father nicknamed our two cats 'Mr. and Mrs. Keith Prowse'. Keith Prowse was at that time a very well established theatre ticketing agency in London. Their slogan at the time was :"You want the best seats - we've got 'em"."

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy Gawai!

Au is kitty collapso
It's that time of the year when it's scorching hot during the day and lashing down with rain in the afternoon. Au is completely kitty collapso. He's lying flat on his back on the cool tiles, strategically positioned so that the cool wash of the fan ruffles his tummy fur.

Scoop and Au aren't much into partying (unless it's with a pet rat) but we're missing Gawai, the Sarawak harvest festival. Guess we'll have to wait for our tuak (rice wine) and bamboo rice till we return in August.

Come to think of it, Au's pose here is pretty much mine after a few too many Tuaks. Must run in the family.