Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cats On Tuesday: Disfigured!

Au came in last night with half of his whiskers missing. It's not an attack by a crazed China-man looking for tiny tiger medicine; our daft cat has been rubbing up against our neighbour's hot car exhaust.

We've warned him before about this sort of thing but Au considers every car in the street his, and insists on inspecting them every night when they return to their parking spots.

As a result he often comes home with oil on this chin, and every now and again a rather sad set of whiskers.

Au has gone out for a morning walk but when he comes back I'll try to take his picture. Poor cat, he looks pathetic!

PS a message forwarded by Au Eching on behalf of the SPCA, the Malaysian society for the protection of animals:

Scamper and Snuggles are brother and sister, just 1 month old. They were dropped off at the SPCA Animal Shelter this morning by a man who found them dumped near a lift in his apartment building. Scamper is the big brother, strong, macho and protective of his little sister. Snuggles is smaller, gentle and surprisingly braver than her big bro when it comes to humans ! They're both healthy and oh-so-soft, but frightened and shy. Lots of tender loving care will turn them into leaping, bounding bundles of joy in no time at all !

Little, elfish Dixie is 2 months old, with pretty green eyes. Her fur is black and glossy, with two white patches on her chest. She was found hiding in the engine of a car, and the person who discovered her put her under the guardianship of SPCA. Initially a little wild and skeptical, she is now well-settled and human-friendly. Cheeky, playful and fiesty , she may just be the kitten you've been looking for !

Think you can give even one of these babies a home to call their own ? Please send an e-mail to spca@streamyx.com or call the SPCA office and speak to Jacinta or Pris for more information on how to adopt these lovable furballs !

**As the kittens are still quite young, adopters should have prior experience caring for kittens and have appropriate housing for them. Adoption fees are inclusive of 1 vaccination, de-worming and neutering when they are 6 months old.**


Andree said...

I'm sorry but I am laughing so hard about Au and the exhaust pipes. I've never heard of that! Poor kitty!

I'm glad that man found those kittens and saved them. I hope there were not anymore. I am so fed up with this world and how animals are treated.

Anonymous said...

What a funny interest for a cat! Poor kitty, I guess he doesn't really miss his whiskers if he keeps doing that.

I wish I could take the found cats, but I believe I have reached my limit at six (all rescues). Plus, it would be a rather long journey for them to come to the US from Malaysia! They might not appreciate the trip.

Welcome to Cats On Tuesday!

Gattina said...

Au is exactly the same as my Arthur ! He also always checks all cars and comes back with black and oily spots. We call him the mechanican cat because he is always under cars. The worst is that he is a white cat ! but sometimes you can't see that anymore, lol !

srp said...

Poor Au, surely he learned his lesson! I have never heard of a cat who was a car fanatic before... how funny!

Suzanne R said...

It's amazing what cats will do sometimes, although I have to admit that Au's rubbing against exhaust pipes is a new one to me! I hope he doesn't lose too many whiskers from that.

I wish I could adopt more kitties but I think I have reached my limit with three in this small house, especially since they think they own me rather than the other way around. ;-)

Paula said...

Oh that is so comical! I just love cats they have so many different personality quirks.
Poor Au. I hope his whiskers grow back soon.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait 2 c the pix, Au so cute, no worries his whiskers will grow back soon.

Anonymous said...

I think it may have eaten my comment! It took me out and it has disappeared...

I hope a loving home opens for Snuggles, Dixie and Scamper! Good luck to them. Nice of you to post about them.

My boy lost his eyebrow whiskers before he was a year old. I never knew how but they didn't grow back. It is okay, it makes him unique!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Poor Au! I don't even know what an exhaust pipe is, since I'm an indoor-only cat.

Au, your whiskers should grow back. The one who came before me, Whiskers, was named because he was missing the Whiskers on one side of his face when my mom got him as a kitten, from playing rough with his brother. The whiskers grew back.

TorAa said...

It's not easy to be a cat and a car lover at the same time. Poor Au.

Celeste said...

I had a cat that always did that also.
I hope the kitties find a good home.

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Poor Au. But its very funny too! The Spice Cats have not been near an exhaust pipes and do not know the danger of it!

I got the same email from SPCA too. I hope they get adopted soon.

Andree said...

Hi again! Thank you for your visit. I have to sadly tell you that they never bring anything back alive. In fact, they subsist on their kills out there in the summer time. My food bill is cut in half.

Thank you again for the compliments.