Friday, July 27, 2007

Bad Tidings

Scoop has had these nasty raw patches just below his ears for ages now. What started off as a small fungal thing has blossomed into an ulcerating wound.

We've been through tests, x-rays and various treatments (even alternative treatments) but none have worked. Now the vets say nothing else can be done for our old fuzzy.

The good news is that Scoop is feeling fine. His face looks less handsome but it doesn't hurt. Luckily it's also not contagious so he's playing with Au as he always has.

He's also rejoicing in the fact that none of the house rules apply to him anymore. When he wakens me at 4AM I don't throw a pillow at him; I get up and see what he wants.

He's taking full advantage to put in orders for his favourite snacks. As I write this Scoop is munching his way through his 3rd bowl of roast chicken today.

Scoop has lived with us for 12 years now. He was about a year old when he moved in, so he's about 13. Not a bad age for an ex-stray cat.

While he continues to be happy and feel no pain or stress, we'll spoil him as much as we can. And by the happy MRAUFs coming from the kitchen, I guess he's all for it.


Anonymous said...

I used to have a Burmese cat called Hugo in Sydney with similar symptoms. After numerous tests and observations the vet found that poor Hugo was allergic to 'protein'. The diet recommended then was Prescription Diet® z/d® Low Allergen Feline (Science Hill). The new diet didnt eliminate the problem completely but the condition definately improved. However I still couldnt resist spoiling him at times with his favourite raw roo and rabbit meat...

Ellen Whyte said...

I have never heard of a cat who is allergic to protein. Where is Hugo now?

Scoop isn't keen on milk so I think he might be lactose intolerant like most kitties - and most Asians!