Sunday, July 29, 2007

WCB: Pulling My Tail

We had a real monsoon rainstorm early this morning. Woken up by the windows rattling and the sound of gushing rain, I went downstairs, shut all the doors and then filled up the cat's bowl of biscuits and drinking water glass before curling up in bed again.

Just as I was drifting off, the two fuzzies appeared at the door. I heard Au's softest yik-yik-yik and then Scoop's answering rau-rau. Before I could hide under the pillow and play dead, Scoop jumped up on the bed and asked me to wake up.

I tried to tell him I had just filled both his bowl and glass but he insisted I got up.

Then when I did, Scoop rushed off, tail high in the air, followed by Au. I could hear them run into their cardboard box on the landing and I swear Au snickered.

Cats! They just love pulling my tail!

PS the two fuzz monsters are sitting on top of my car, watching our neighbour clean his car. They just love watching people sweat!

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The Ginger Darlings said...

So, there you are in Malaysia telling us that we live in beautiful country!
We have been having monsoon's here in the Uk too, though fortunately not right above our heads! Many a cat has been washed away from home in England where they need to build an ark!
By the way, the worst film our human slave has ever seen is called Battletruck, and she watched it twice!