Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cats On Tuesday: Recyclable Mouse

Au and  his pet mouse
A short while ago Au was trotting around the house with a tiny field mouse in his mouth. He disappeared into the garden, came home later without it, and we assumed the poor little thing had been dispatched.

Then he brought it in again, but through one thing and another it escaped. Then he caught it for a third time.

When the house tiger brings in the same catch three days running, we begin to ponder the existence of the recyclable mouse. Or perhaps Au wants a pet?

And here they are: Au and his pet mouse.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Community Cat

We've got tonnes of stray cats in Malaysia, and this issue of Weekender in The Star highlights the start of the Community Cat project, a Trap Neuter Release programme.

The main impetus for this comes from the people from Furry Friends Farm, a safe haven for strays, and a long-term member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals.

As they depend entirely on gifts, we've given them a web page of their own to promote the community cat idea.

If we're lucky, we'll emulate Rome’s communities of strays or the Gatti Di Roma!

PS Here is Farah, the first Community Cat.

PPS Samantha who lives in MPSJ area... I can't find your blog as your comment name link is closed to public view. I think these kill and destroy raids are daft too. And how awful your kitty was murdered! I think every community should work pro-actively as described in today's Community Cat article.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Qwill's Birthday

Qwill who lives with my mum is 15 years old this month! Here he is, the fussy old man.

Qwill lives in Spain and is enjoying a warm summer. He enjoys eating fish, and prefers to be hand fed. Just like the royal potentate he is :-)

Scoop is doing fine. He's fast asleep on his kitchen chair. My camera is broken so I don't have a new picture. Hopefully I will be back in action by next week.

Also, if you like language, take a look at Aesop’s English... Charming and timeless, Aesop’s fables still thrill after 2,500 years and form part of the English language. ELLEN WHYTE looks at phrases culled from Aesop’s works.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

House Arrest

kuching cat city
We went to Kuching in Sarawak, Borneo for two days this week to attend the wedding (Hi Dylan and Felicia!). As usual we had a ball. Kuching really is one of Asia's finest destinations.

While we were there, Scoop and Au were under the care of our neighbour Lillian whom they love. She spoils them rotten and they bully her unmercifully.

Although we were away for a very short time, both cats rushed out to greet us when we came back, and acted as though we had been gone for a year.

They're now policing our every move, just in case we disappear again.

Scoop is downstairs, snoozing on his chair by the front door while Au is upstairs keeping an eye on Tom in the office.

I think we're under house arrest.

PS "Kuching" means "cat" in Malay. Kuching city has taken the nickname Cat City and has decorated town squares etc with big cat statues. Here are the fishing cat family that stand in front of Sarawak Plaza...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cat Chat

Scoop and Au
Au is lying in the hall, making small kitten sounds in order to entice me to come and play with him. Scoop is in the kitchen, watching the stray cats in the back from the lofty heights of the kitchen window sill.

I've been out and about, getting the usual errands out of the way, and now it's time to get to work. When the air hots up, around 11AM, I'm planning to wash the car. Both Scoop and Au really enjoy that.

They sit on the wall and watch as I soak the car, soap it up and then rinse it off. They adore the way the bubbles fly in the air, and squeal like kittens if they get a drop on their coats.

Afterwards they walk all over the Beetle, making sure it's properly clean - and decorated with little sandy paw prints.

Saturdays are fun!