Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cat Chat

Scoop and Au
Au is lying in the hall, making small kitten sounds in order to entice me to come and play with him. Scoop is in the kitchen, watching the stray cats in the back from the lofty heights of the kitchen window sill.

I've been out and about, getting the usual errands out of the way, and now it's time to get to work. When the air hots up, around 11AM, I'm planning to wash the car. Both Scoop and Au really enjoy that.

They sit on the wall and watch as I soak the car, soap it up and then rinse it off. They adore the way the bubbles fly in the air, and squeal like kittens if they get a drop on their coats.

Afterwards they walk all over the Beetle, making sure it's properly clean - and decorated with little sandy paw prints.

Saturdays are fun!


Anonymous said...

It is a cat's life to have to snoopervise what humans do...

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Saturdays do sound fun! Beautiful photo of Au and Scoop there.

BTW, can we get the furball medicine you mentioned from the petshop?

Ellen Whyte said...

I cleaned the car, Au walked all over it, and then it rained. Don't know why I bother :-)

Yes, furball medicine is available in vet shops and good animal food shops. I give Scoop and Au tuna in oil which also works well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I know it's a little bit to write a comment on Scoop's Ear condition. How is it now? My female cat was heavily pregnant when her ears were infested with fungus.They were so bad that i was worred her ears may be deformed. The vet didn't want to prescribe anything for fear of harming her fetuses. I have always used 'minyak gamat' (sea cucumber ointment) for their cuts and bruises and at that time i rubbed some on her ears to dry up the wound she got from scratching the itchy part. Miraculously, the fungal disappeared as well! Now i use it as anti-fungal ointment on all my cats. Probably you should try some on Scoop.

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Thanks for letting me know about the furball medicine! I force fed Ginger some (she wouldn't eat it) and saw a furball on the floor the next morning! She is now eating normal and is feeling much better.

Thanks Katztales!

Ellen Whyte said...

Hi anon, I'm trying minyak gamat now at the advice of one of our vets but so far it isn't helping. Someone else wrote to recommend grapeseed oil so I'm thinking of trying that next. Fingers crossed!

Sharlene, I'm so glad Ginger is OK. Now to dose the rest of the Spice Cats! They're not going to like you very much :-)