Saturday, August 18, 2007

Community Cat

We've got tonnes of stray cats in Malaysia, and this issue of Weekender in The Star highlights the start of the Community Cat project, a Trap Neuter Release programme.

The main impetus for this comes from the people from Furry Friends Farm, a safe haven for strays, and a long-term member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals.

As they depend entirely on gifts, we've given them a web page of their own to promote the community cat idea.

If we're lucky, we'll emulate Rome’s communities of strays or the Gatti Di Roma!

PS Here is Farah, the first Community Cat.

PPS Samantha who lives in MPSJ area... I can't find your blog as your comment name link is closed to public view. I think these kill and destroy raids are daft too. And how awful your kitty was murdered! I think every community should work pro-actively as described in today's Community Cat article.


Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Murdered kitties? I don't know they kill cats too! I thought only dogs! What happened?

Gattina said...

We have in Brussels also an organization of volonteers who catch cats sterilize them and set them free again. There also are a lot of retired women feeding homeless cats every day. Fortunately those people exist ! In Tenerife (spanish Island) they did the same and cut a little piece of one ear of the neutred cat so that people knew and won't kill them.

Unknown said...

Here in SS2 Petaling Jaya, which is under MBPJ district, they catch cats too, of course not to mention dogs. And especially with a few neighbours who aspire to be "good citizens", they call up MBPJ very often to catch cats when they see there are cats that give birth to some kittens. And if they see dogs walking around, the next day MBPJ guys will come, definitely.

My foster female cat, has not come back for two weeks. She went missing on the day MBPJ came. I am just suspecting. But I'm also hoping, and won't give up hope, that she just went to see some tom cats and will come back. I wanted to spay her, already got her ready, she was vaccinated. Now that her three orphans are with me.

And Ellen, I don't have a blog, with a demanding advertising job and 10 cats to man (all are alley cats and now house cats-- vaccinated, de-wormed, spayed), it's almost impossible to blog. You have my email address. Just in case you have accidentally deleted it, it's

How does the Trap neuter thingy work? There's a very wild mother cat behind my house, can hardly catch her though, she doesn't know how to take care of every batch of her kittens, we saved one once, only lasted for two weeks, but the kitty was a happy kitty when she was here. Vet said that her internal organs didn't develop well, and couldn't support her growth. So, I want to catch and vaccin the mother, and then spay her to prevent anymore sorrow.

Anonymous said...

I would like to sponsor a program to catch and neuter irresponsible cat/dog owners. Yes, the ones that get a cat or dog becasue it is "oh so cute" but don't know the first thing about responsible cat or dog ownership.

Next thing I know their once loved but now disowned, unvacinated & unneutered pet is wondering the streets of my taman. Mowing/barking loudly late at night or scattering garbage all over the street.

I vote for a program to catch and neuter these irresposible people then hopefully the real problem (irresponsible pet owners) can eliminated.