Saturday, August 11, 2007

House Arrest

kuching cat city
We went to Kuching in Sarawak, Borneo for two days this week to attend the wedding (Hi Dylan and Felicia!). As usual we had a ball. Kuching really is one of Asia's finest destinations.

While we were there, Scoop and Au were under the care of our neighbour Lillian whom they love. She spoils them rotten and they bully her unmercifully.

Although we were away for a very short time, both cats rushed out to greet us when we came back, and acted as though we had been gone for a year.

They're now policing our every move, just in case we disappear again.

Scoop is downstairs, snoozing on his chair by the front door while Au is upstairs keeping an eye on Tom in the office.

I think we're under house arrest.

PS "Kuching" means "cat" in Malay. Kuching city has taken the nickname Cat City and has decorated town squares etc with big cat statues. Here are the fishing cat family that stand in front of Sarawak Plaza...


Anonymous said...

Hmm... house arrest. A good idea. I'll have to go set that up so the humans can't leave...

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

That's so nice. The Spice Cats wont even know if I am gone!

Kitikata-san said...

How dare you leave for so long! Did you bring the cats any good snacks from your trip? Next time, you go, you must bring back a lot of treats for the cats.

Unknown said...

Hi, it's Samantha again. Would like to know whether the civil council of your area-- MPSJ comes often to catch cats and dogs? Because, in my area, the civil council MBPJ comes very often, especially with the tip off of some anti-animal neighbours. They came again last Friday (10/8/07) and I suspected that they caught one of the mother cat (still nursing) I foster. And I only got to know that there was a "raid" that night about 10 or 11. Which was much too late.

I know that every time they catch, they'll send to PAWS, and PAWS, can't even wait for an hour, not to say a day or two, to put them to sleep immediately, not to care whether these poor cats have owners or not. I saw them did that in front of our eyes last year, when I thought they got another of my foster cat (now she's with me now, vaccinated & spayed, she shares a three storey cage with her two daughters and a pair of brothers, I hate to cage them though) I chased to MBPJ, get kicked around to a few floors and finally found out they actually sent to PAWS to be put down. I rushed there, the Chinese manager was so arrogant, not friendly, no empathy at all.

Anyway, I waited for almost a week already, and this mother cat never come back. But I'm still hoping for the best, hoping that she was not caught. She's already vaccinated and we planned to spay her in these two weeks' time, then she's missing. Leaving her three two-month old babies with me, one of the babies, Curio, is looking for the mummy every night, she'll go to the cupboard where they were born and crying non-stop there, I have to cuddle her to comfort her (or myself?). My heart aches a lot. Totally understand how Sharlene felt Shadow went missing.

Keep putting down these roaming cats DOES NOT and will not solve the problem. Don't you think so?

And human, they thought they are many levels higher than animal, actually they are at the lowest.