Thursday, August 16, 2007

Qwill's Birthday

Qwill who lives with my mum is 15 years old this month! Here he is, the fussy old man.

Qwill lives in Spain and is enjoying a warm summer. He enjoys eating fish, and prefers to be hand fed. Just like the royal potentate he is :-)

Scoop is doing fine. He's fast asleep on his kitchen chair. My camera is broken so I don't have a new picture. Hopefully I will be back in action by next week.

Also, if you like language, take a look at Aesop’s English... Charming and timeless, Aesop’s fables still thrill after 2,500 years and form part of the English language. ELLEN WHYTE looks at phrases culled from Aesop’s works.


Anonymous said...

He's a very handsome Kitty.Happy Birthday Qwill :)

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Wow! 15 years old? Qwill is 14 years older than Sesame.

Happy Birthday Qwill!

Unknown said...

Indeed he's a very handsome guy. Happy birthday to Qwill.

Ida said...

Handsome cat indeed! Happy belated birthday, Qwill!!!!! ^___^

StKermit said...

he reminds me of my late cat - coincidentally the name's Q. He's a tonkinese & very playful & gentlecat. i miss him but now i have a x-breed darling lil girl Jazzy. i'll post a pic when i can.
happy belayed bday, Qwill!