Saturday, September 15, 2007

Waifs And Strays

Au bounced into the bedroom before dawn this morning. It's Ramadan (Muslim fasting month) so some of our neighbours are breaking fast at 4AM. Their moving about at an odd time of day peaks Au's curiosity, and being a nice cat who doesn't like to keep fun stuff to himself, he rushes around telling us to get out of bed just so we can share the fun!

I threw a pillow at him but Tom gave in, got up, and kept Au company.

Scoop being a sensible cat is still asleep in bed. He's seen more than 13 Ramadans and he's no longer surprised by this temporary change in lifestyle. Mind you, he is fond of a bit of chicken curry so he might be moseying around tonight to see if there's anything interesting on offer.

There are two bits of good news in Malaysia today. First, Shark’s fin soup is off the menu at all functions and events organised by the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry (read about it here) and The dog-catching competition run by the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), which offered prize money of up to RM15,000 to the public, has been called off!

Looks like today is shaping up just fine :-)

Snowball and Snowflake
PS Katz Tales is out today in the Weekend section of the Star, the Malaysian national daily. This week's feature is Waifs and Strays. And here are Snowball and Snowflake, premium looking rescued street cats.

If you live in Malaysia, enter the photo competition and win your cat a gift basket filled with goodies made by Purina.

Send pictures to:

Katz Tales
Star Publications
Menara Star
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Petaling Jaya 46350

You can also email to weekend AT but please keep file sizes reasonable.


Anonymous said...

I quite glad to hear that those things have been called off. It's always a relief to know fellow critters will be treated a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Its sad to say that irresponsible humans are the one who created the strays. Its no faults of theirs and they have to face the consequences.My friends and I are trying to help them by spaying them as much as we can afford.They are so innocent. What they are looking for in life is a mere meal and a pat if possible. They are so simple minded.Why fighten them???Humans if you are no helping them dont shoo them.....