Tuesday, October 30, 2007

COT: Kitty in the Box

Cats on TuesdayThe kitten is running wild, bouncing all over the house, and shouting shrill yips of delight when he sees us. Au is curled up in a new box that arrived with a new fan. He's enjoying a quiet morning snooze and groom session.

AuAu and the kitten, called Mr Snizzles while we think of something more manly and appropriate, are getting along fine.

They started playing race and chase on Saturday, with one cat touching the other lightly (counting coup, American Indian style) and then rushing off at high speed.

Mr Snizzles usually starts it by pouncing on Au, then Au chases the kitten through the living room and garden, there's a turnaround and then the kitten chases Au back into the house.
I think they're enjoying themselves and they'll soon be firm friends.

Here's Snizzles, checking out the camera.


Dizzyjules said...

Wish I could be there to watch the Au-Snizzles action movies!! Yup I think they'll get along mighty fine :)

Liza said...

I've posted some pictures of Bubble. Thank you for visiting. I read your column without fail. Thank you for bringing the cat world closer to us cat lovers with your wonder writing.

Gattina said...

Isn't that funny to watch the cats playing and running around and chasing themselves all over ? I always forget to watch my film on TV when they start, lol ! Thanks for the good wishes for my trip of course I will take lots of pictures !

Tink said...

Cats and boxes, always a success! Snizzles is cuuute! My little Maia does the same chasing with her two big sisters. I love to watch them.
My COT is about Freyja and flames.

Anonymous said...

Snizzles is a cute name! And look at that little face. I miss having a kitten in the house. They are so fast and energetic. Au reminds me so much of my high school cat Punkin that I just loved so much. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

it's a box! I love boxes! I can see why Snizzles would like that!!!

Luna und Luzie said...

Snizzles, what a funny name!
Luna also like boxes and bags to hide! It is just like here in our house in Germany. It is funny to live with cats !!!

kuanyin333 said...

Snizzles eye's are amazing! Happy COT!

Suzanne R said...

Mr. Snizzles is sooo cute! He reminds me of my Socks when she was a little girl. And it's neat that he and Au play together so nicely. Socks and Silver also have done so since Socks was tiny. Neat pictures and fun story -- happy COT!