Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dog Talk

black lab
If you're buying the print version of the Malaysian national daily, The Star, peek into the Weekend section for a new column called Dog Talk.

I'm chuffed that I've been asked to write a second animal column, one totally devoted to Man's Best Friend. Au is totally unamused as he loathes me talking to dogs.

Unfortunately we don't have a dog at the moment because our landlord is a Malay Muslim. Luckily we have plenty of doggy pals.

Today's column is about Tina, a dog who did some remarkable things to keep her family together.

I heard about Tina in the pub when telling a friend about Swansea Jack, a black Labrador dog who lived by the River Tawe in Swansea in Wales in the 1930s, and who became a hero by jumping into the water and saving people.

Swansea Jack is reputed to have saved 27 people from drowning. He was given two "Canine VCs" as the bronze medals for bravery given out by the UK National Canine Defence League are nicknamed.

Sadly Jack’s life was cut short when he ate some rat poison.

He died at the age of 7 in October 1937 but as his grateful friends and admirers put up a monument to him, this brave dog’s memory is still bright 70 years later.

Swansea Jack memorialAlso in today's Star and available online is My diva dog, Chai Chai by William KC Kee who has the cutest Pomerian.

PS The picture of the Swansea Jack memorial was taken by Alex Thomas of Swancam and is used here with permission. The black lab comes from Wiki Commons!


Anonymous said...

Love that Chai Chai!

Anonymous said...


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Kitikata-san said...

Good luck on the dog writing. Ya know, cats are really people's best friend, but are too shy to say it.

Christine and FAZ said...

I love hearing stories about amazing animals. Have you seen the wonderful monument near Hyde Park Corner in London dedicated to all the animals that have died in wars. It is a truly beautiful work of art.

Anonymous said...

Mom and me love both dogs and kitty's.Swansea Jack sounds like an amazing dog :)