Friday, November 02, 2007

BFF Cat Style

Au and SnizzlesIt took less than a week for Au to make friends with Mr Snizzles (His kitten name while we think of a suitable grown up cat name).

They're now playing peek a boo in the garden, running race and chase games up and down the stairs, and exploring cupboards together.

Au is also trying out new flavours of cat food. He's been stuck on his own favourites for ages, and has refused to even sniff new types of food, but now he sees the kitten tucking in, our fuzzy has decided he's up for a change too!

Au and Snizzles
We still miss Scoop but getting a friend for Au was the right thing to do. Au is much happier with company. Obviously his sense of time is different than ours.

Other news is that utterly unspeakable Yow-Yow broke in the other day and beat the hell out of our poor Au. He's stiff with bruises - but no cuts or anything thank goodness!

We're spoiling him with extra cuddles and ham, and Snizzles is keeping his spirits up with cute games.

Au and Snizzles

Our sister column Dog Talk is out in the print version of The Star Weekend section tomorrow - all about Girl, the "miniature Dalmatian" who lives down the road from us.


Anonymous said...

You guys look so cute together! I think you are going to match.

Dizzyjules said...

I like Snizzles' coat pattern. He has very tabby markings on his head but his body's markings are more tortoiseshell than tabby :)

The pic of him & Au dining together reminds me so much of the older one where Scoop & Au ate side by side.

Kitikata-san said...

The kitten is so cute! I am so happy Au has a new little friend! I think the kitten is very lucky to have you all as his new family. Congratulations on little Mr Snizzles.

Anonymous said...

Awww very sweet it's good to have a friend :)