Tuesday, November 06, 2007

COT Hari Singh

Cats on Tuesday
Au still has a sore front right paw - but we've noticed he limps more when he sees me watching him! Obviously he learned how to fake an illness from Scoop. But as he's had a rough time, we're indulging him with cuddles and extra ham.

Mr Snizzles, the new arrival, is settling in very nicely. He's growing quickly and running around the house, purring constantly. He has to go for his inoculations today or tomorrow - will keep you posted on how that goes!

Now for a Cry For Help: Here's a boy who needs a home. His name is Hari Singh and he lives in Damansara Utama near the Damansara Specialist Hospital.

Hari Singh

As his foster family say, "About 4 weeks ago, a stray cat walked into our home and I did not have the heart to chase him away. We have been feeding him and named him Hari Singh. He has put on weight and looks better now. In fact he looks a bit like Au with orange coloured fur and his eyes are of an unusual colour. He is very loving and wants to be hugged, patted and he loves rubbing himself against us. He is not allowed to enter our house as my babies have refused to accept him. I hope to find someone to adopt him as he deserves a loving family as he himself is very loving."

Hari has not yet been neutered or vaccinated. If you have a garden, and want to adopt a kitty, please contact arjansagoo@gmail.com


catsynth said...

Hari Singh is a very handsome cat. We hope he finds a home soon.

THE ZOO said...

We hope someone takes Hari. Hes very cute. We live in the states so we cant take him. PLus theres 16 of us here already in the house.
Thats cute that Au is faking ou out for extra attention on the limping.

Celeste said...

I used to have a faker too.
hari is beautiful.

Suzanne R said...

None of my cats have faked an illness yet, but you never know -- with cats, anything is possible. ;-)

Hari is adorable -- I hope he finds a furrever home.

Anonymous said...

Hari is a very handsome cat. I hope he finds a good home!

Suzanne R said...

To answer your question on my blog: Socks and Stevie are girls and Silver is a boy. (Stevie's name is kind of a long story, and maybe I'll tell it on COT sometime.) Thanks for commenting!

Lux said...

He's very beautiful - I will be thinking good thoughts that he'll find a fantastic forever home.

P.S. No, no, don't mention my tummy flab!

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

I havent been checking the net for more than 2 weeks now because of work. I am so glad that there is a new family member! This is so exciting!

Dizzyjules said...

Hari reminds me of my own ginger tom who died 14 yrs ago. I would've loved to take him in, but I live in a condo & pets are not allowed :(

But he has such a lovely personality...it's just a matter of time that he finds an equally loving home.

The Cat Realm said...

I just found your blog, hello Au. And Mr. Snizzles. I feel like I can relate to you because I lost my companion Anastasia August 21. We were VERY close, and I missed and miss her very much. My humans got me a kitten too, Emil, and after a while that helped! But I still catch the staff crying sometimes!
I actually made a remembrance blog for Anastasia, the link is in my sidebar.
She came back on the Day of the Dead to Dare all our friends - so I will Dare you now, because she did not come to you! The details are on my blog.
Hari Singh looks so cute - I hope he founds a forever home soon!!!
Very nice meeting you!
Karl from The Cat Realm

Liza said...

Yes,i hope Hari finds a home soon.He is so adorable with those dreamy eyes.
Bubble is now staying in most of the time since the last time she was out,it pour n pour n she meowed all night long,luckly she did not became sick again,she was once at the vet for 3 days just for her "common cold".
So Hari hope you too will a place to be in door.

Anonymous said...

With that sweet adorable face I'm sure he'll find a home :)

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Gosh, so many people sending out appeals for new homes for animals that they have been caring for! What surprises me is that no one bothers to vaccinate or neuter their animal companions. Chances are, before the animal goes to his/her new home, he/she would have run away from home to mate/gotten pregnant. I think it is irresponsible to place the burden of vaccinating/neutering an animal companion on others. Of course, it all boils down to circumstances. If you already have 3 cats, and a stray moggie kitten, much too young for vacc/neutering decides to take up residence at your doorstep no more than a few days ago, we would not fault you for not having gotten him/her vaccinated/neutered. But if they have been feeding a cat/dog for months and are only trying to find him/her a new home now, it's not too much to ask for to ask them to take a weekend off to have the cat fixed. All my rescuees were fixed and vaccinated, and as such, I've had little difficulty finding them homes.