Tuesday, November 20, 2007

COT: War!

Yesterday afternoon I heard a cry for help. Mr Snizzles was lying outside the garden gate, teetering on the edge of the storm drain, yelling in panic. Yow Yow, the big brute street cat who beat up our Au two weeks ago, was standing over him, tail fluffed up, growling nastily.

Yow Yow has never had anything but kindness and cat biscuits from me, so he didn't take any notice when I walked up behind him. When I smacked his arse with the flat of my hand, however, he jumped three feet in the air and shouted, "YOWRL!"

You should have seen his face: sheer shock and horror. I told him to beat it to the back lane, threatening another smack if he should come back to the front of the house and terrorise my cats again.

Yow Yow hightailed it down the street, and disappeared into the back lane where the stray cats hang out.

Mr Snizzles was terribly relieved at the rescue. His backside had slipped into the drain and were covered in muck but he was uninjured. I cuddled him, took him into the house and we rinsed off his back paws and tail.

As a first bath experience, it sucked. I let him clutch onto my t-shirt and just quickly rinsed his hindquarters under the tap. He was still traumatised by Yow Yow's attack so he didn't even squeak. Afterwards we rubbed him dry with a towel, and fussed over him a little bit.

Yow Yow turned up this morning at the back door as usual, looking for biscuits. Being a cat he didn't even show a trace of shame.

I read him a lecture telling him he can have his biscuits twice a day like the other strays in the back lane, but if he comes to attack my fuzzies in their own front garden again, he'll feel the flat of my hand.

I know he understood every word I said. Let's hope he remembers it!

Here's Yow Yow and one of his kittens eating breakfast.

Yow Yow and one of his kittens eating breakfast

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Happy Cats On Tuesday!


Gattina said...

Poor Mr. Snizzles making such a bad experience ! I too have a very agressive visitor, a black cat with a very big head. He isn't a stray cat fortunately we don't have any in our district but he attacks all available male cats my Arthur included. He was the one who had bitten Arthur's tail so badly that it is still not standing up only half of it and it happened in March ! Usually only male cats are fighting (just like in the human race !)

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Oh dear. Poor little Mr. Snizzles. Hope it wont affect him for life.

Liza said...

Dear Mr.Snizzles,I do hope you will not be traumatize by the experience.Poor Dear.
i remeber,once we had this(rather old)male cat whch came n decided to end his last days at our house.We called him BoBop.He is such a darling,will come around, rest his head on your feet and not moved till you shove him away.
One night he got into a fight and next morn he died.It was sad though we had him for a short spell.

Luna und Luzie said...

Poor Mr.Snizzles. What a bad experience.Hope you feel better now? We also had so bad visitors but I have it chase away with a water-filled flower syringe(Don´t know the word in english, but I hope you understand what I mean) Only that works...
Oh, I´m late today with cot but I´m ready with the post now ;-)
Have a nice day !!!

Tink said...

Ooooh, poor Mr. Snizzles... I hope he will not have lasting consequences. Give him a big hug and snuggle!
I'm talking about cats names in my COT today, do you want to share your name story?

Andree said...

What a story! You are so good to the poor strays and I like the boundaries you set for them. I am sorry the photos would not load (I reloaded the page three times) because I would have loved to see them. Happy Tuesday!

Kitikata-san said...

Poor Mr Sizzles, he is little. I think Yow Yow is jealous that Au and Mr Sizzles get to go inside. I think it is sweet that Yow Yow and the other alley cats can come to breakfast in peace.

Please keep me on your Links List. http://kitikata.blogspot.com
We like being linked to nice orange kitties!

Anonymous said...

Poor Mr. Snizzles...he is lucky you came to his rescue. Those bullies can hurt.

Anonymous said...

Poor Mr. Snizzles! Hope the agressive visitor will more nice in the future!

eiko-chan said...

Poor Mr Snizzles!
My girl HeeChul frequently gets "attack" by the local "dominant" male, and it would scare her so bad she would not dare leave the house for a few hours (or days), unless if i'm outside too. The thing is she's spayed, so i really wonder why it still happens.
Plus i do feed one of them, and warned him not to disturb my girl, but to no avail =(...

Please do keep me on your link list as well!

Liza said...

Hi Katz Tales n every one,glad we all have one thing in common..CATS!! n DOGS too.
Any one going to the Cat Show @ Matrade in Jalan Duta.We hope to go,my hubby is the most excited.I pray that nothing comes up that day.
Perhaps we can meet up one day for Get to Know Cats-Dogs Owners..any suggestions Ellen?

Anonymous said...

Poor Mr.Snizzles glad you were there.

Ellen Whyte said...

My World, I've heard about the cat show but I'll pass, thanks. Although a few cats like being Queen Of The Ring (or Tom) more are so unhappy to be surrounded by strangers and strange noises that I just can't stand it. Let me know how it goes. A dog and cat lovers meeting? Interesting. You organise it and I'll come. Always good to meet other pet people!