Saturday, November 17, 2007

Paws OK

Au is a lot better now thanks to some nifty tablets from the vet. He's walking about as usual but we're still careful with him to make sure there isn't another relapse.

The kitten is rushing about, having a really good time. He's playing in the garden, stuffing his face with food and trying to get the big cat to play with him. Mr Snizzles really admires the Big Cat - and Au enjoys the adulation!

Peggy asked a question saying she and her mum want to bathe their cats, but "however, since we never bath them since they were born(they're merely one year old), what is the best way to start their bathing session?"

I'd say... Bath time is tough! Suggest you put warm water in a sink, put a container of lukewarm rinsing water next to it, and keep soap (formulated for cats as people soap is bad for kitties) and towel handy.

Put your kitty gently into the sink, tail first. Don't bother too much about sticking out paws.

Carefully rub water all over fur, starting with the tummy and working higher up the cat.

Rub a little shampoo into your hands and soap your cat thoroughly. You can rub his ears with your soapy hands but don't touch the rest of his face.

Then use the container of rinsing water to rinse your cat clean. I find I need two kettles of rinsing water for Au.

Afterwards, pat your cat dry with the towel.

Then apologise profusely and offer lots and lots of treats. Expect to be treated as Enemy Number One for a few hours!

Here's a picture of our old cat Scoop having a bath. He was a master at "the octopus spread"!

PS Dog Talk is out in the print version of The Star, Weekend section in Malaysia today.


Anonymous said...

And wear long sleeves, long pants and close toed shoes. This way if the cat tries to grab for you with their claws, they get fabric and not skin (also true for the shoes)

Anonymous said...

great picture!

Peggy said...

thanks for the advice. i'll try to take some pictures for you if i manage to bath them.

thanks again!!


The Cat Realm said...

Oh my - I do hope Peggy reconsidered - cats are NOT made for bathing. And not MEANT for bathing. We do groom ourselves and bathing might be even hazardous for our health....
There is a reason why we fight it teeth and claws!
My staff would NEVER dare bathing us!

Kitikata-san said...

Oh look at Scoop! I miss Scoop. He looks like he doesn't like the bath. But it is nice to have a clean fluffy cat though!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

My personal, pain-free technique, which can be used even on newly rescued strays who don't know or love you enough not to scratch you:

1. Remove breakables, shower curtain & TP roll from bathroom, shut windows and lower toilet seat.

2. Bring kitty to bathroom. Run warm shower and wet kitty. Kitty will protest but will not be as indignant because he/she is not held or restrained, and can run around the bathroom.

3. Shampoo and massage kitty thoroughly. Don't get any into eyes or ears.

4. Now rinse kitty. Kitty might run around the bathroom and yowl in protest, but he/she can't bite you. Once kitty is calm, wash feet, undersides and neck/chest.

5. Let kitty shake herself/himself dry. Dry with towel. Reward with treats.

Have fun!