Friday, December 14, 2007

More Cats Looking For Homes

There are just so many cats looking for homes in our area (suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) that I sometimes despair.

There seems to be no hope of getting anyone interested in Trap- Neuter-Release programmes so these poor strays are doomed to a horrible, short life filled with fleas, ticks, open wounds and other health problems.

If only local governments would go for TNR and people spayed their pets, life for animals would be a lot better.

If anyone is interested in adopting a kitty, please contact me at katztales AT and I'll put you in touch with foster mums. Or if you're not in Selangor, contact the SPCA!

This week's cry for help for kitty who needs a home comes from Fatimah in Selangor who writes,

"I adopted a cat almost a year ago. It was a kitten when it first came to our home, tired and hungry. We, my family and I, took it and looked after it and nursed it back to health. Kas-kas is almost a year old (I guess so), he's orange with orange eyes and is a playful, cheerful cat. The only problem is that I am unable to care for him much longer as we have to balik kampung (note: this is Malay meaning "to go to the home village for a visit") frequently to visit my ailing grandmother. Kas-kas is toilet-trained and lives in his double-storey cage. He's free to roam the neighbourhood during the day and he is a healthy and well-fed cat. Could you please,please help me find a home for Kas-kas ?? (I don't want to send him to SPCA cos' they might put him to sleep if nobody adopts him)."

Kas-kas has not had his inoculations and he is not neutered. If you are interested, please email fatimahzahra1 AT

PS Dog Talk is out in the Weekend Section of The Star tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree it's so sad.We have alot of strays here too.It's heartbreaking.I hope Kas-kas finds a good home.