Tuesday, February 26, 2008

COT: Sonu

Heard a great feel good story from Manpreet Purewal the other day.

"Sonu's our darling (he's not really our pet)...It's more like he's our master. Sonu turned 10 years old (in human years- I honestly don't know how the conversion to cat years works) this month. Ten years ago early Feb (1998), my younger brother found this gorgeous, tiny lil kitten sitting by his sibling mewing and crying. Dead sibling, to be more precise, a car had run over the other tiny kitten's head. So my brother did what any of us lot would have done... We named him Sonu Singh Purewal."

"Sonu and my Mom are the CLOSEST. Sonu sleeps on her bed EVERY NIGHT, at the foot of her bed. And because he sprawls himself all over, my mom has to sleep at an angle, being careful as to not kick him during the night. Haha...I didn't mention though that Sonu weights 10kgs, have i? :)"

Isn't he cute? Lucky, lucky Sonu!
Cats on Tuesday

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

COT Year Of The Rat

Cats on TuesdayTargetHere's a picture of Target trying to hurry me into bed. As you can see, he's got splendid baby teeth!

The Year of the Rat is coming up starting Wednesday night. It would have been Scoop's favourite year as he was a fantastic rat hunter. His biggest catch ever was a cane rat in Kuching that had a body longer than our dust pan. Hopefully he's watching from a cat heaven filled with furry rats to chase. (Possibly the equivalent of rat hell???)

Au and Target will be enjoying the Chinese New Year as I've bought them chicken for dinner. Neither is keen on crackers and bangers so hopefully the neighbours won't go nuts with the fireworks this year.

Fireworks are banned in Malaysia but somehow we've had huge explosions all the way through last New Year (Dec/Jan) and Christmas and Hari Raya (end of Eid festival) and Deepavali (Hindu festival of lights)!

To kick off the new season we were awarded Blogger of the World by Kitikata whose ginger stripes are so much like Au's, Target's and our old Scoop. I'm not sure what the award is for but Colin who created it says it's used as a meme. So here goes:

blogger of the worldI'm passing this Blogger of the World award along to:
Gattina who keeps all us cats together on Tuesday;
Meeyauw whose wildlife pictures of Vermont are so inspiring;
Sharlene whose very spoilt Spice Cats give me hope whenever I see the state Malaysian stray cats are in!

Please award this to three people who link bloggers around the world. ANd please keep the link on Colin's pic in place.

Gong Xi Fah Cai everyone!

Friday, February 01, 2008