Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ripped Off!

My article Silly Geese and Golden Eggs published in The Star today has been ripped off and reposted here by and she's even had the cheek to remove my by-line!

I've had people using my stuff without permission before but to take off my byline is just too much.

Update: just checked back and got this message, "the blog at has been removed."

Update 2: if you want to take copies of things at - ask! I usually say yes as long as full credit is given (with a link if you post it online) and no changes are made. But please, do ask.... ew AT

Update 3: The Perak State Department of Veterinary Services have posted my articles on their web site. I warned them in November last year they were stealing copyrighted work and they removed the two articles they'd taken. But later they reposted them and added 8 more! As this stuff never appears online they copytype my work from print publications and post it on their web site. Now I can't resell those articles - or use them for a book I was planning. Check it out at:


Anonymous said...

Found your blog from your comments on Sharon's blog May 19 about having work ripped off. I've also had my stories from Star taken by the Msian Vetinerary Dept as well as several others. is one of the worst, whole blog taken from Star, NST etc.
Even had chunks of my www used by a travel agent in India to promote their tours

Ellen Whyte said...

are you the Liz I had lunch with in Bangsar with Sharifah and Erik???

I've seen the sini-sana blog. Bloody awful.

Which is your www?

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Good for you for fighting back. I get so tired of people doing that.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ellen, yes its me !!!
My www
I've had lots of it copied by lots of sites. Fortunately Copyscape finds them. Perople lift great chunks or individual sentences to use as their own. One culprit was the Perak Clearwater Golf Sanctuary, at least they removed it when I told them.
I was the person who posted the bit about my friend Jan's waterfalls site which was stolen by the Lenggong council.

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

ugh! I agree with Cheysuli & Gemini, good for you for fighting back. I wish people wouldn't do such awful things - or at least to remove your byline and not offer credit!! Makes me mad too.