Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cat And Dog Jokes

Target laughing - pet jokes
I heard a great joke in the pub the other night...

Q: "What is the difference between a cat and a comma?"
A: "One has the paws before the claws and the other has the clause before the pause."

Try saying that when you've had half a dozen vodkas :-)

And then S.K.Ong emailed me this...


One day a pastor's cat was caught up a tree. The pastor tied the branch to his car bumper and reversed.

At first the tree branch bent so that the cat could find its way down. But then the string snapped and the cat was catapulted !

He lost the cat.

After several weeks, the pastor went to a grocery store and met his neigbour and her daughter. He was surprised to see they were buying tins of cat's food because he knew they had no cats.

So casually, he asked her neighbour why she was buying cat food.

She replied. "Oh, Pastor, my little girl who was at the garden, was pestering me to buy her a cat and I told she could have it if God granted her."

"She prayed and as soon as she finished her prayer, a cute white furry cat fell from the sky!"

Now I'm in the mood to collect and share pet jokes. Anyone want to take part? Cats, dogs, hamsters, mice... everyone is welcome.

I've put together a quick Mr Linky to make it easier to jump from one to the next. No need to leave comments...


Jan Parrish said...

Those are both very cute. I wonder how the second half of the cat falling story goes. Owner asks for cat back or owner adopts one from the pound. :)


Both of those were very cute and funny.


Irishcoda said...

Cute jokes! I needed a laugh today, too, thanks! :)

carsam said...

Dear Jan Parrish

Its a Catch 22 situation.

As a counseller, how would you reply.

Would you ask it back or keep quiet and consider it as a Gift from "God" for the little girl.