Friday, July 18, 2008

Charter of Animal Rights

Here's Au, lying peacefully in the middle of the bed. As you can see by the evil glint in his eye, he knows I want to straighten the whole lot out, and is determined to stay put. Of course I am but a slave to his fuzzy paw so he gets his own way as usual.

Au's fine sense of power is the subject of the Katz Tales column that comes out in the Weekend section of the Malaysian national daily The Star tomorrow - print version only so you have to buy it!

There's also a discussion about cat and dog rights.

Meem Siah Li Ming, a marketing and operations manager at an animal medical centre in Kuala Lumpur who lives with cat and dog friends Arwin aged 5 and Jackie aged 3, suggests responsible pet owners work to make these conditions a must for all our fuzzy companions.

Cats and Dogs Rights Charter
#1 Freedom from hunger and thirst
#2 Freedom from discomfort
#3 Freedom from illness: regular vaccinations and vet attention
#4 Freedom of movement: no caging
#5 Freedom of speech: no cutting of vocal chords
#6 Freedom of ‘clawing’ & playing

Ideas? Opinions? Suggestions? Links? Feel free to post!


Lux said...

We cats know best how the beds should be made! :)

Ellen Whyte said...

email from a reader...

Hi, my name is Mrs. Wong. I lived in Pandan Perdana Area, Ampang. Im an animal lover. Read from The Star paper today Ad. this morning. Regarding about "Cats and Dogs Rights". Here I want to share with you is that there are too many dogs which they are abdoned by the dogs owners and they are all left alone and now that they have become strays and wondering around and starved, no shelter from sun, cold & rain! Recently, for what i know is my neighbour told me a true news that someone hit the dog hard with something and killed the dog!. One of the dog run down by a car and the other dog cries the whole night and making noise until then that person complained and killed that dog for noisiness and then dont know where he drag the dog after that! (Its all true)....

Come back to myself is, there is (three) strays dogs and roaming around my single storey house now for few days and i took pity and i just feed them, and bath them with medicated shampoo even, but i cant adopt as i already have one adult dog myself (my dog is local one) adopted from SPCA RM250.00 and is living with us for 1 year now.
My husband dont allow me to adopt them because im a working person.

Here, im asking for someone anyone out there, to help those poor doggies as i dont know how long they going to survive each day, before its too late because the bandaraya is going to catch them and kill the dogs. Ive seen those dogs they are have pretty face and are adorable too!

I knew about the SPCA, but they already told me that dogs send to them will be put to sleep even i told them im still can effort to pay some little donation. If im going send them meaning im going to send them and destroy a life animal..

(Im hoping that more people will know and my messages can be convey).

Lastly, please DO NOT ONLY look on branded animals then someone could love them but also pleased be fair looked at the local animals also, they also can be lovable, and will be sincere to its master!
They do have a life and the right to live!!

Spayed them, bath them, proper medication, proper care and they will live.....

You dont have to spend too much, (if) you budget well and know the System of caring any animal, you can... God Bless whoever......

Thank you.


Christine (Mrs. Wong)

If you have space for a dog or two, please email her at: hoe_5443 AT