Friday, July 25, 2008

Dog Talk: Tricky Poodles

Like poodles? Check out the Dog Talk column tomorrow in the Weekend section of the Malaysian national daily, The Star. Print version only!

And as promised, here are some useful links:

A list of dog tricks, arranged in order of increasing difficulty.

Fancy trying to beat super poodle Chanda-Leah’s record? Check out Love Your Dog Tricks

There is also the Poodle Web Ring that has lots of interesting sites ranging from pure breeder ads to fan sites.

PS the poodle pics are courtesy of Wiki Commons...


Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

oh dear, the poodles sure have weird hairstyles. I havent seen a poodle with that kind of hair style in Malaysia.

Dizzyjules said...

I sometimes wish that the poodles are left to grow their hair whichever way they like. These 2 look freaky in their hairdo. Poor things.

If they were a little more aggressive they would probably have mauled the person(s) who did this to them.