Monday, July 07, 2008

MM Au Speaks

Au here. I thought that seeing she's gone out, I'd sneak in and have a word. After all, it is Mancat Monday, not Human Monday, right?

I need some advice. As she's told you, we've got this mancat in training running around. I quite like the little sprog. For one thing he's got that kitten cute thing going for him. (You see him on the roof in the last post? Isn't he a little poser???) I didn't appreciate his looks at first but now I've trained him to use it for begging extra treats that's coming in handy for both of us!

But he will pounce on me all the time. When I'm awake it's great to wrestle. But can't a senior cat sleep undisturbed in his own box? Or on his own bed? Or his personal part of the sofa? Not in this house he can't!

I've tried to hold him down and bite him but it only makes him purr. So I want some advice: how do you mancats out there deal with overactive little tails?

By the way, this is me on the bed in my favourite pose. It's pretty rare to see me like this nowadays - usually I'm wearing that infernal kitten! Help me, please!

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Anonymous said...

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Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Au, sadly we don't have any advice for you. We are both close in age (only a year apart) and we enjoy wrestling and playing together. Hopefully some other cats will have some advice for you.