Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pet Jokes III

The Sniffer Dog

An aeroplane passenger is taken aback when a man and a Labrador take up the two empty seats beside him. He's just had his aftershave and cigarette lighter confiscated "for security reasons" so he's not amused at seeing a big hairy dog in the seat beside him.

Seeing his annoyance, the second man explains he and his dog work for the airline's security division. "Sniffer is the best security professional in the field," the man boasts. "He's the best of the best. Just wait and see."

When the plane is up in the air and seatbelt signs go off, Sniffer gets up and wanders down the aisle, sniffing at all the passengers.

Sniffer stops briefly by the side of a woman, sniffing intently. He then strolls back and puts a left paw on the handler's arm.

The handler says, "Good boy!" He makes a note of the woman's seat and whispers confidentially, "Sniffer says she's carrying marijuana. We'll pick her up when we land."

The first man is very impressed.

He's equally impressed when Sniffer stops by another passenger, returns and puts two paws on the handler's arm. "He's carrying heroine," the handler says making another note.

The dog goes off a third time, sniffing at everyone in the plane. Suddenly Sniffer grinds to a halt. He sniffs intently at a passenger and then bolts back to the handler. But instead of putting up one paw or two paws, the dog poops all over the seat and buried his head in the handler's lap.

"What the hell is going on?" asks the passenger in surprise and disgust. "I thought you said this dog was the best of the best?!"

"He is," the handler replies shakily. "He just found a bomb!"

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