Tuesday, September 16, 2008

COT: Nicknames

Dragonheart and Merlin posted a list of their nicknames last Thursday and it got me thinking about the other names we call Au and Target. It reveals a bit of character - theirs and mine - and our relationship too.

See what I mean by looking at their "other" names. Au's nicknames are followed by an A, Target's by a T, and ones that apply to both with an A and a T.

Fuzz face (A, T)
Squeezlebug (A,T)
Cat-Kur-Squizzle (A, T)
Squeezle-bug-fluff (A,T)
Cat fluff (A, T)
Mr Kitty (A)
Big kitty on the block (A)
You little bugger! (A)
Fuzzily wuzzily (T only because A objects!)
Mr Snizzles (T)
Little tail (T)

Au is a big man cat who's not much into hugs but he tolerates me quite well and let's me hug him every day - not too much though in case I am spoiled. And guess what I call him when he demands a treat to show his power over us and walks away without eating it!

Target is a very soft kitty who adores cuddles and baby talk. He's not at all worried about being called fuzzily wuzzily little tail snizzles sweetie... Mind you, it's early days and when he's older he may be put a limit on that sort of stuff.

Thanks for the great idea Dragonheart and Merlin!

Happy Tuesday :-) and be sure to visit Gattina the home of Cats On Tuesday.


Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Haha, you got more nicknames for your kitties than I do. The Spice Cats nicknames are:-

Handsome - Garlic
Gorgeous - Pepper
Mimi - Sesame
Princess - Ginger

mummymeow said...

Cute names! I like the Little Tail nickname. I got so many for my cats that it's just gonna go on and on. So, better not, in case everyone falls asleep.

Au showing his power - nickname His Royal Highness?

CRIZ LAI said...

I don't think I would want to have more nicknames for the J's. I might end up confusing myself with more J names.. LOL!


p/s: Regarding your Q on the auto update links on the side bar. It's part of a feature by Blogger. Maybe you can ask others on how to set that for your dot com.

Anonymous said...

Those are funny! We really like Squeezlebug! hahaha! Mom just calls us by our names mostly, but occasionally we will hear "Boys or Kittyboys".

Luna und Luzie said...

Those are nice nicknames.It´s a nice idea to tell us.
Our cats have nicknames too...
Luzie-Mutzie or Zicke
Luna -Lunita or Madame
Olli-Ling Ling
Friedas nickname was Friedchen
all together are the "Mietzies"

Anonymous said...

Those are some good nicknames.My mom calls me snuklebutt ...So embarrassing

Andree said...

I'm fascinated by your post! When I think of nicknames for my cats, I realize that the only other names I call them besides their names are bad names! I guess that is because they are always getting into trouble. Or they are asleep.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! My cats all have odd nicknames too, and I thought it was just me being odd. Glad to know that others do this too!

Au has a rather tough guy expression on his face in that photo and Target does look like a sweetie. Very cute! They are both handsome kitties BTW!

Gattina said...

How cute ! I couldn't put all the nicknames of my cats because they are mostly in french or german, lol The only cat who loves cuddles and is terribly affectionated is Pookie. Arthur not at all and little Rosie from time to time !

Lux said...

Hehe, you've got some great nicknames there!


Kitikata-san said...

LOL! I got a lot of nicknames too! Cutiepie, pokie, pokie butt, poopy, poopy butt, kitty, kitty cat, boo boo, boo bee butt. Why does that one human in my house call me poopy butt?

Declan said...

We like Fuzz face for Au and Mr snizzles for Target! Deccy x

Declan said...

We like Fuzz face for Au and Mr snizzles for Target! Deccy x