Friday, October 31, 2008

How dogs think

Last week I witnessed a dog being smacked for coming when called; his mum was upset because the dog had been running out in the street and it has no traffic sense. Anyway, this prompted me to consider the differences between our thinking and dog thinking.

I've been reading up on some animal behaviour research and have come across some wonderful stuff from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. One piece in particular, Making Inferences About the Location of Hidden Food: Social Dog, Causal Ape was very interesting.

Check out Dog Talk tomorrow in the print section of the Malaysian national daily The Star, Weekend section. And check out the original paper at in PDF format or in Google's HTML version.

For more excelent dog research check out Juliane Bräuer's site and Juliane Kaminski's site.


Nahuel said...

Me encanto tu blog.

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Espero tu visita y que te guste. Ademas del fragmento de la pelicula.

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The Activist said...

Hope u r enjoying your trip. I am in Cape Town and I miss my cats back in Nigeria but I met 2 lovely cats here and they are keeping me company