Friday, October 03, 2008

Mournful Mutts

The basset hound with its big jowls, long floppy ears, and big mournful eyes is one of most recognised breeds in the world. Think Droopy Dog, Fred Basset, and the Hush Puppy! Yet surprisingly the basset doesn’t make the top 20 in the British, Australian or American Kennel Club listings most popular breeds. And that’s odd because bassets have so much going for them.

Tomorrow's Dog Talk in the Weekend section of national Malaysian Daily, The Star will be all about bassets.

It also has a cameo appearance by Bessie (pic left). Bessie is only 8 months old but this pedigree basset has already had a litter. She’s only just arrived at the SPCA Selangor shelter and needs a good home. She likes people and also gets along with the other dogs in the shelter. For more information, call 03-4256 5312 or 4253 5179.

And as promised, here are some basset links:

Fred Basset Cartoons

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Caring for Bassets


Ellen Whyte said...

The three dogs that were featured in this column over the last few weeks have all been adopted!

meemsnyc said...

Awwww Bessie is so cute!

natalieanddogs said...

Bessie is very adorable. But she looks so tired in this photo.

-Natalie and my basset hounds