Tuesday, December 23, 2008

COT Creepy!

A last minute note: please help Yvonne Foong save her eye by buying one of her T-shirts. Yvonne is one of my neighbours, I have met her and vouch this is for real.

To explain what's going on, this stolen from the Facebook page:

"For a good part of her youth, Yvonne Foong has had to battle Neurofibromatosis(NF), an illness of the nervous system that causes benign tumors to grow in her body. There is currently no known cure for NF.

This brave young lady has decided to fight her condition , by obtaining funds using her own resources and effort. The recurrence of tumors in her body has only fortified her resilience . She has turned her condition into her prime motivation to help others like her battle their medical condition.

A former recipient of the AYA Dream Malaysia-‘Most Outstanding Youth of the Year Award, Yvonne aspires to be a a Psychologist and therapist providing support to children who face similar conditions to her own.

All she asks, is that you buy her self designed T-Shirt for RM 15 (USD4.40) , which she hopes would provide her with the funds to Save Her Eye.

To place an order, send your preferred sizes and postal address to yvonnefmn AT gmail.com

Payment may be made by direct bank transfer."

Please place an order today.

Cats on Tuesday is hosted by Gattina.

Eeeek! He's waving at me!

Target continues to be totally creeped out by our lucky beckoning cat. Every time he jumps up ont he table and sees it, he creeps along on his belly ad growls at it. We're living with the scardiest cat in the whole wide world :-)

We're taking some time off this week to party and hang out. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Gattina said...

That's funny ! My son brought me such a waving cat from Thailand ! Isn't it bad that we are both sick right now ? Today I feel better and I hope to be able to drive to Holland to celebrate Christmas with our son !
Happy hollidays !

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thanks for stopping by! I will try to bank in some money for Yvonne when my salary comes in. I know she would prefer us to buy her lovely t-shirts, but RM15 wouldn't go very far and I would not have much use for 10 t-shirts. Thanks for the heads up and I will try to do what I can to help.

Oooh, those Japanese fortune cats are so kitschy I would be frightened of them too!

Meowy Christmas to you and the furry ones, with love from my home to yours!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Oh and before I forget:
Re your questions --

1. The sea cucumber is pretty hard to describe. It was both rough & bumpy AND soft & slimy! The bumps yielded to pressure. I don't know how else to describe it. Like touching bumpy jelly.

2. The kids and parents enjoyed the Nature Day Camp and were very cooperative when it came to picking up litter and practicing the 3Rs. It's just that they've led sheltered lives all this while, so they were afraid of bugs and snails and sitting on the ground. They also understood the concepts of waste management and water & energy conservation, but only in theory, because their domestic help did everything for them at home!

Tink said...

Poor target! :-)
Meowy Christmas and a purrfect new year!

Yvonne Foong said...

Hello Ellen. Thanks for letting me share attention with your cats! I have a bunch of them at home (grrrrr) and know how jealous they can get!

covert_operations_78: So you will be sending me some from your year-end salary? That will be memorable. :D

Anonymous said...

That's a cute photo of Target and so funny.Have a very Merry Christmas :)

kuanyin333 said...

Happy Holidays! We have lots of these Lucky Cats in our home...nothing to worry about! LOL