Tuesday, December 09, 2008

COT: Pill Time!

Au and Target had to take their worm tablet last week. Au is a veteran at this. He sits upright on my lap while I open his mouth and pop in the pill. Our senior kitty swallows, gives me a filthy look, and wanders off. He then doublebacks and demands a treat for being good.

But Target is a different kettle of fish. Our junior kitty wriggles and struggles. He won't take his pill the nice way by sitting up. Instead, I have to turn him upside down on my lap, hold the scruff of his neck, lever open his jaw carefully with one finger, pop in the pill and stroke his throat till he swallows.

Here is a video of Target taking his pill. Isn't he wriggly?

For more Cats on Tuesday, visit Gattina.


Gemini and Ichiro said...

For some reason the woman is laughing as she looks at me and thinks Pilling Chey... UGH.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Did he spit it back out on the rug? My kitties are good at doing that. They hide the pill in their cheek pouches, let me finish syringing the water in, and then go "Peh!" and out comes the pill, all melty and gooey. Sigh!

Target is so cute! Look at his big frightened eyes! "Mommy, I don't want a pill! Ugh!"

Everycat said...

I've seen many a cat wiggle more than Target! He's a doll to let you put him on his back like that. Our big cat Oliver is a big strong, struggler a pill time, so I sneak up on him when he's asleep, and if I'm lucky the pill is inside him before he's realised what has happened!

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Oh dear! I forgot to feed the Spice Cats their deworming tablets!


Ooooh hate pilling any cat. I try
the old crush it in the food trick.... but it has to be fish based
food or they will smell the pill
and walk away!!!! Real canned Tuna is good for doing this. A treat they
can't pass up!


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Ellen Whyte said...

Target was a lot wrigglier when he first came to live with us a year ago. now he's been "pilled" regularly he's calmed down. But he still won't sit up and take his medicine.

Jewelgirl: I can't do the follower thing because I host my own blog *but* I have a Blogs I Follow list at http://www.blogger.com/profile/10036407326752053191

I also have links on my side menu.

Anyone want to swap links?


Thanks for letting me know! :)
Yes I am Jewelgirl who lives with super Spooky Do, I have 4 blogs. :)

Gattina said...

That's the bravest cat I have ever seen ! I would look like a just murdered woman full of blood a case for CSI ! None of my cats accept pills unless we wrap them in towles squeeze them to death (almost) to open the mouth is a special performance throw the pill in another and wait that they swallow it ... We usually are red faced and swet and fall into the next armchair ! Fortunately I have the worm thing now in form of a little tube which you just have to put between the shoulder blades. And imagine, Lisa gets her "happy pill" (against anxiety she is old) every day ! At least she doesn't scratch but still it's a drama every day !
BTW you missed COT, I don't know why, because it was published a long time ago.

Luna und Luzie said...

Oah thats always bad to get worm tablet . Luzie hates worm tablet so much and she wiggle much more. After I think the she swallow the tablet I found it later under the table. We use the medicine for the skin.And the others get it with the liversausage. that works...

Tink said...

If we could only explain it's for their own good... I do everytime, but I can't say it helps. My three furry princesses hate pills and struggle as much as they can!
In the pet shelter we use antiworm paste, they can't spit that out. Some even like the taste, but most still struggle.

The Activist said...

My cats will fight off the pill with all thier strength

catsynth said...

Giving a pill to a cat can be quite an ordeal. Fortunately, we have been able to use liquid medications when needed.

mummymeow said...

Hi Ellen,
Target is so adorable and that is considered very tame. U should see Poppy wriggle. Even the vet is horrified. A small cat can kick and wriggle and squeeze out of 3 pairs of hands. Not an easy one, this Poppy.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Ha ha! Good job! None of us have had to have any pills yet. I don't know how that would go over!!

Purrs Goldie

Unknown said...

What a cute kitty! Our Smokey just had to have a round of anitbiotic pills...bugger kept spitting them out after I thought they had gone down. Finally put it in some cheese and he happily obliged. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

I'm a big fan of your column in The Star Weekender. I enjoy your writing on your two adorable cats, keep up the good work!

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Thanks so much!

Ellen Whyte said...

Cat Fan: Hope you come back and read this as there's no link to your blog. Try advertising on kitten.com.my and on www.petfinder.my. But most of the time there's little response. The grapevine is still the best. If you're in USJ/Subang Jaya you can also try usj.com.my web forum pet talk section.

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Puss-in-Boots said...

Mum takes us to the vet for our pills cos she can't handle us. We don't like pills and fight her, especially Mitzi. So mum gets the vet to do it. We don't like that either, but mum says if we don't let her do it, then it's to the vet...tough!