Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Malaysia Cat Spit Superstition

My friend Sara who runs Kusar Cabana pub in SS15/4E, Subang Jaya, Malaysia, told me of this local superstition where you can stop yourself being allergic to cats by spitting when you see one.

Sara maintains that if you spit 3 times when seeing a cat, you won't have sneezes or wheezes. Nor will you have any sort of odd luck if you see a black cat, white cat, cat walking away from you, cat walking towards you - or whatever cat superstition you happen to believe in.

The thing is that Sara's kids also believe in this. So when they all drive past a kitty in the street, Sara can hear his brood spitting quietly in the back seat.

We are now nicknaming his car the Spit Mobile....

Any other cat superstitions out there? I have written about it before but have found some new ones:

If you hear a cat sneeze you're in for some good luck. - Italy
The life-giving rays of the sun are stored in the cat's eyes at night - Ancient Egypt
Cats tell tales and will gossip about their family - Holland

Au reading the newspaper while lying on Tom's feet isn't just being idle. His laser eyes show he's keeping the sun's energy giving light safe during the night!

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Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Oh! I have never heard of this supertitious before! Maybe I will get some of my friends to try!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

That sounds a tad...messy!!!

Interesting info!!!

Purrs Goldie

The Activist said...

Lol. So much for supersttition! I will try and put up a post on CATS superstitions in Nigeria society. It's horrible!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

We haven't heard that. But I think it might be interesting to see if it works for other people!

catsynth said...

That's a new one for us. There are so many superstitions out there surrounding cats. Many of them not very flattering.

Everycat said...

That's a new one to us! (ick)

Here are some UK ones we do know:-

In the UK a black cat is a bringer of good luck.
A sneezing cat promises rain will come soon.
If a cat sneezes 3 times the whole family of humans will get colds.
A cat bought with money will never be a good mouse catcher
A cat scratching a table leg means that the weather will change
If a cat washes its left ear with a paw a female visitor will come, if the right ear, a male visitor will come
If a cat appears next to a bride, that is considered very good luck
Let a cat lay its tail across your eye to cure a stye.
Coal miners won't go down a mine if a cat has been seen down there or the word cat said whilst they are on shift.
If a person kicks a cat that person will get rheumatism..

Superstitious lot we are over here!

Whicky Wuudler

~CovertOperations78~ said...

How unsanitary! Thankfully, the superstition merely says "spit", not "spit on the cat". LOL, poor kitty, otherwise!

2 superstitions:
Chinese: Put a black umbrella over a coffin at a wake, otherwise if a cat jumps over the coffin (not sure why a cat would want to do that -- wouldn't it be easier to walk under a coffin if you are a cat?), the latent kinetic energy or whatever would make the corpse sit up. Okay, we definitely do not want to see that happen.

Brit: If a black cat crosses your path, chant:
"Black cat, cross my path,
Good fortune bring to home and hearth,
If I should be away from home,
Bring me luck wherever I roam."

I think I've mentioned that one before in one of your earlier blogposts.

Everycat's list of superstitions is awesome! Och, my cats love to sleep with their tails across my eyes, but I still get styes and eye infection!

P/S: Pixie's a rare one for sitting on feet, too!