Friday, December 12, 2008

Puppies For Christmas

Buying a puppy for Christmas looks like a great idea but looking after a pet takes time and money. Tomorrow's Dog Talk in the Malaysian national daily, The Star, Weekend section, looks at what it takes to keep a dog healthy and happy.

The article covers vaccinations, parasite prevention, and diet costs per month and per year. It also looks into how much time you need to spend with a pet dog to keep it happy and healthy.

If you're thinking of buying a pet, please do read it first. And do consider that giving someone else a dog is often a disaster as it is a present that demands loads of commitment. Every year there are thousands of dogs dumped at shelters a month after Christmas and Chinese New Year. Almost all are impulse buys or unwanted gifts.

If you want to buy a dog for the holidays, buy a cuddly one from a toyshop!

In the meantime, here are some links to more info about basic dog care:

Dog Inoculation Schedule and Information

Are Annual Vaccinations Necessary?

Frontline that kills fleas and ticks.

Heartgard against heartworm and other worms.

People Food That Kills Dogs

About Lonely Dogs

PS I came across this picture in Wikicommons that shows Kevin Reese and his military working dog Grek. I like it because it shows how close dogs and people can be. Reese and Grek are obviously great pals. Pity they're in a warzone though.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thanks for this post, Ellen! Too many people buy pets as status symbols and macho/fashion accessories without considering the social, physical and psychological needs of the animal. This is a timely post. We at the SPCA are currently working on a memorandum to the govt to curtail the retail sale of pets.

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