Friday, January 02, 2009

Teaching Target to Talk

Last minute note: I've just been told by The Star that Katz Tales will only be published once a month from now on. Dog Talk will be published once a month too. Tales is out tomorrow; Dog Talk will be out 17th January.

Target is a very quiet cat, which can be a problem when he's stuck in a bush or something because he doesn't think to meow to attract our attention. We've been teaching Target to talk and it's working GREAT!

This week's Katz Tales column in the Malaysian national daily, The Star Weekend section is all about teaching cats to talk, and understanding their communication techniques. There's a sidebar of tips for those are new cat lovers.

This picture here of Target with his tail up like a flag pole is his way of saying, "Bingo! Found the bag with the chicken. This is the shopping for us cats!"

One bit I couldn't squeeze into the column this week: a cat that cries continually is in trouble. There may be a physical problem that is hurting your pet. Cats who aren’t neutered, also suffer from sexual urges that make them noisy - and smelly in the case of tomcats. Neutering can solve this problem.

Also consider that continuous crying is a classic sign of stress, anxiety, and depression. In the case of single cats who are house or appartment bound, this crying need may be solved with the addition of a cat companion. If in doubt, consult your vet for advice.

The idea offered by some that throwing cold water over a cat to teach them to be quiet is cruel. You wouldn't like it if someone threw a bucket of water over you when you tried to have a conversation, and your pet doesn't either.

Accept that cats are as different as people. Some are chatty and some are quiet. If you can't stand a chatty cat companion, adopt an adult cat so you can match your communication styles.

Cat Communication

Ashleigh Vets Notes On Excessive Vocalisation in Cats

If you are thinking of adopting a cat, consider 5 month Ivory, a very active and talkative kitten who meows whenever visitors are in the cattery. Here she is, looking very cute in her collar, and with her tail up showing her interest. Call the SPCA Penang at 604-2816559 or email


mummymeow said...

Hi Ellen,
Sorry to hear that Katz Tales will only be published once a month! I get to only read it once a month. Sigh.
Anyway, i have posted up Yvonne's post and going to buy some t-shirts myself. Once i get my things done.

I also hope Doji was found already?

Happy New Year. Rubs for Au and Target.

Dizzyjules said...

Ivory reminds me of a sweet cat I used to like a lot when I was volunteering for PAWS back in 2004. His name is Flag and he simply loves to meow. I'd let him out of his cage when my duties were done. Unlike other cats who couldn't wait to bolt out of their cages, Flag would stay around anyone who released him and talked and talked....there's no way of stopping him from meowing and purring. Perhaps it was his way of telling us how his day was and the goings-on in the cattery when we weren't around.

It was his sweet demeanor that got him adopted by someone who had then given him as a gift to the family of the ambassador of the Czech republic. I hope he brings joy to his new family as he did to me for a fleeting moment.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Wish i could bring Ivory home. She is so lovely. I need to move into a bigger house in a quieter area so I could adopt all the fuzzies I want.

I wonder why this is -- my cats rarely vocalise with each other, only with us humans. They seem to rely on non-verbal means of communication with each other. My housemates and I think it's telepathy.