Tuesday, April 28, 2009

COT Silly Faces

Target adores having his chin scratched. When you put a finger under his chin, he moves his face from side to side, making sure you cover his cheeks, ears, nose, chin and all the fuzzly bits in the middle. And while we're doing that, he pulls silly faces.

Here he is, sitting on Tom and giggling.

Katz Tales is out on Tuesday. I'm not writing it up until tomorrow but the theme will be Senior Cats: daily trials and tribulations of top cats. Catch it in the print Weekend section of The Star!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

COT Au's Exquisite Patience

Au is hungry about every 30 minutes at the moment. He knows exactly what's in the fridge and is determined to have his full share of treats. Here he is, supervising Tom deboning some chicken for him. As you can see, Au sits on the table but doesn't beg, steal or touch the food. He's simply being very, very patient in a vaguely supervisory capacity!

There is no Katz Tales or Dog Talk out in The Star this Saturday, but you may see my article on Urban Mushing: dogs who take their people out and about on tricycles etc. It's great fun! For more see Jojo's Sohum Mushers and Mark Schuette’s web site.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

COT Cats and Dogs

This is how Target looked last week.

And this is why.

This stray dog arrived in our street. She looks less than a year old and is so sweet, we called her Sweetheart.

As you can see, Tam from across the street is not shy.

After they touched noses, Tam came over the gate for a visit. Sweetheart liked Tam so she must be from a home with cats and dogs.

If you recognise this dog and know where her home is, please let us know. I'm sure her family must miss her a lot. I've been looking for a week now with no success. If Sweetheart has been dumped, we'll find her a new home. Sweetheart is currently at Friends Furry Farm. If I can't find her home by next week, she'll be up for adoption.

Just in case you're in Selangor and thinking of adopting, please consider that Sweetheart is neutered, free of heartworm, very sweet and great with cats. She wants to live with someone who takes her for walks, and who will let her indoors. Sweetheart needs proper training and is timid around men until she’s been introduced. If you want to adopt Sweetheart after this week, please email sabrinayeap@gmail.com or sms to 016-6319018.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

COT Exercise Cat

I bought a treadmill last year and put it behind the sofa so I can watch TV as I walk - otherwise I get too bored! The moment he saw it, Au adopted it as one of his sleeping places. He adores the rough feel of the rubber.
It's so nice to have things that have more than one role to play!
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