Tuesday, May 26, 2009

COT When Cats Go Green

Target started eating grass last week which got me worried. He'd been chasing a lizard and I thought he might have an upset tummy or even salmonella as all lizards carry those germs in and on their bodies.

Later on Target threw up quietly in the ferns, and Au joined him for good measure. Now they are both fine again.

This Saturday Katz Tales will be published in the print version of the Malaysian national daily The Star, Weekend section. It's all about why cats eat grass. Check it out!

Also, if you are living in Selangor (or travel there) and are looking to adopt a kitty, consider little Byron here pictured left.

Byron was found wandering near some food stalls. He was barely more than skin and bones but this 4 month old kitten has come a long way. Today he is an affectionate, cuddly, playful and active cat with a hearty appetite. A severe flu during his street cat days damaged his nasal passages so his breathing sometimes sound like gentle snoring - quite cute!

If you want to adopt Byron, contact Alicia at http://petepicure.wordpress.com. She's one of Malaysia's independent pet rescuers and her blog is well worth a visit.

For more about cats eating grass, check out these resources...

Symptoms of salmonella in dogs and cats

New Zealand Vets: When Cats Eat Grass

Snik Snak Wheatgrass for Cats

For more Cats on Tuesday, check out Gattina's Blog.


Cat with a Garden said...

Byron is extremely frootbatty. We sure hope he gets a good home asap!

Ydiana said...

Hi Katz

That's interesting! I always thought they just like the grass 'sometimes'. All my three kitties especially love the lemongrass leaf.

Oh, Bryon is so cute! Thanks for the link. I'll check it up soon, and catch your stories on Saturday Star! :)

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Byron is a dear! I will help spread the word! I hope the little tyke gets a loving home where he will be spoiled rotten! Thank goodness for independent pet rescuers.

Oooh poor Target! He doesn't look very comfy! I don't think cats eating grass is a major cause of concern unless the grass has been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. Which is why I think it's best to supply our furbabies with our own organic wheatgrass, ryegrass or barleygrass!

When Chloe received her first pot of wheatgrass from my SPCA friend Jacinta, she (Chloe) was so happy that she ate the whole pot of grass in one sitting and rubbed herself against the pot so hard she knocked it over and got soil all over herself and the kitchen counter. :o)

CO78 and the fuzzies.

Dora said...

Poor Byron. He's so cute.

Luna und Luzie said...

Oh I never heard about salmonella in cats. We have no lizards here but they hunt lots of mice.
Our cats eat grass too. We say here when they do it, the weather will change.
Our dog clean his tummy with hops leaves.
Byron is sooo cute. I hope he´ll find a nice home soon.
Have a great day!

Anya said...

Hallo Ellen
Target ziet er niet zo vrolijk uit op die foto haha....beetje zielig!

Kareltje had t vorig jaar gras achter in zijn keel vast zitten.
We zijn naar de dierenarts moeten gaan, het had zich gedraaid om zijn heugje.
Die flapdrol moest ook nog onder narcose enz.....die grasspriet was een duur grapje.
Maar dat komt omdat hij zo gulzig eet ......gekke Karel;)

(Ik hoop dat alle kittens een nieuw baasje krijgen:)

Luna and mommy Léia said...

Hello friends!
Glad to see that Target is fine!Mommy here didn't know about cats eating grass and the like, she will check all good sites ! Many thanks for all information and hints about!
Byron is so cute! I hope he gets a good mommy soon!
Purrs and love from Brazil
( and mommy Léia )

Ailurophile said...

Very glad that Target and Au are both doing well now. Maybe there was some problem with their digestion that is resolved now.

How exciting that your blog will be on your country's leading newspaper. Many congrats :)

Byron is so cute. Reminds me of a cat named 'Steve' that I used to have. I hope that he finds a great loving family very soon!

Thanks for introducing Alicia's animal friendly blog. Have a great week :)

Pam said...

Peeve sometimes tries to eat grass when he is outside. Bryon is cute. I love those ears.
We feed lots of stray cats around our house. It seems that people always try to dump them out in our neighborhood!

Kitikata-san said...

Oh Byron is cute! Oh, I hope Byron gets a loving and nice home with lots of good food, water and treats!


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PurrPrints said...

Aw, Byron is adorable! My husband is glad we live in the U.S. so there's no risk of me trying to turn our 4 cat household into a 5 cat household... :)

Unknown said...

Well, at least Target and Au made it outside...my Winnie decided to leave me his present on my freshly mopped floor. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments, you are so sweet! Wish I could adopt Byron myself, he is a cutie. :)

Anonymous said...

Cats know how to find the correct grass right to cure themselves? How about cats live in the apartment like ours?

Glad both Au and Target are ok ;)

Alicia Horsley said...

Hi Ellen

Thank you very much for the mention. We got a lot of extra visits and someone may come tomorrow to see Byron :)

Keep up the excellent work.

Unknown said...

Cats eat grass when they have digestion problems