Friday, July 03, 2009

Greedy Cat Fluff

Au ate his entire chicken leg and thigh within 24 hours. And of course he immediately demanded I go back to the market and get him some more.

We've debated Au's diet at length and have decided the best option for him is to eat commercial cat biscuits and either roast chicken or the equivalent home made food.

We've stopped buying wet cat food for him because he only ever liked two types. One type hasn't been around for the last 3 months and there seems to be no replacement. The other type is available but the manufacturer has changed the mix. Unfortunately this was done without Au's approval. And our cat wants "old and inferior" rather than "new and improved."

So I'm cooking for him every two days or so. Au is very fit, very active and he sparkles in the sun. At his last check up the vet pronounced him 100%. So I guess we're doing the right thing for him.

Interestingly it costs about the same to cook for him as it does to buy wet food. And there's no waste! The only thing is that it is a hassle sometimes. When stocks are low it's inevitably the day I want to stay in bed till 8AM. But the temptation is easy to overcome - when you have a senior cat shouting MEOW in your ear!

For more about Au and Target please remember that Katz Tales is out tomorrow in the print version of the Malaysian national daily, The Star, Weekend section.

The kitty in this week's adoption box is Megeara, pictured here, also known as Spider Cat. She is about 3 years old, a superb climber and expresses her love with lots of head butts and ankle weaving. She has nursed 8 kittens, only one of which was her own! The kittens have all found good homes but somehow Mega hasn’t found her special someone. If you want to adopt this beautiful and affectionate girl contact Alicia at 012 331 3318. For more pictures check here.


Mishkat said...

We want to know Au's secret for getting the humans to go to the market for him! They will never do that for us (they say dry food will keep us from starving - we disagree!)

And we are sending many purrs to the beautiful Megeara - we hope she finds a wonderful forever home!

Purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

Anonymous said...

Great that you are cooking for Au! Just make sure he is getting all the vitamins and minerals in his homecooked foods that he needs and not just meat.

Ellen Whyte said...

Not a problem Wildcat. Au also eats commercial cat biscuits every day that provide him with all the vits and mins he needs. The roast chicken is food for the soul :-)

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow! You get homemade food. There's a lot of that going around. I wish I could get some...

Më| §zë said...

sounds like my dog tango who will only eat a certain brand of dog food, and refuse to touch anything else.
he also only eats the food tht my dad prepares for him, and won't eat what i prepared..
sob sob..

Anya said...

Ik hoop dat Megeara snel een thuis vind, zo lief en mooi dat ze is :)
Kareltje eet meer brokjes als blikvoer, hij likt alleen de gelei op de rest laat hij staan... LOL

knuffel aan iedereen
Kareltje =^.^=

Gattina said...

You tell it ! senior cats can be very difficult, especially ladies, like my Lisa ! She is really like a naughty old woman. I meauws 24 h for nothing, probably because she is deaf. The first cat I had 45 years ago only ate cooked chicken liver which I mixed with a little bread or a potatoe. There were no cans or dry food at this time. She never wanted something else. When cans came on the market, she didn't want them, she liked her cooked chicken liver. She died when she was just a little older then 20 of no special decease. She never was sick either. I think I went twice to the vet in her whole life. Once for the shots and once to get spayed.

lupie said...

Au has a personal butler? Just great!

Hope Megara finds a beautiful loving home soon!


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Megeara is gorgeous! Who wouldn't want a beauty like her? By the way, Ellen, Project Second Chance is up and running again and this time I have 3 kittens! Will let you know if I need any help with finding them homes, okay? Au is so lucky to have you cooking for him. I started cooking for my 6 rowdies but buying free-range chicken for 6 turned out to be a very expensive affair! I am sticking to canned wet food. Thankfully, with the exception of Shadow, the others are not fussy at all.

Ailurophile said...

Wow how pretty Megeara has. I'm sure she will find a great furrever home soon with her glamorous looks.

Glad to know that the new diet is working out for Au. I think home made food is not a bad idea for kitties as many have proposed the benefits of natural over artificial meals for cats. All the best to him and Target, and hope that they stay happy and healthy always. Take care, and have a great week :)