Friday, September 11, 2009

Feral Friday Au's Tale

So many of us cat fans in the blogosphere have rescued strays, that I thought it would be nice to tell some stories of how our kitties found their way to our homes. Today is Au's turn.

Au looks a rough and tough man-cat now but when he first moved in with us, he was a tiny little scaredy cat.

Au had a nasty start in life; his first family wrapped him in an oily rag and some plastics bags, then threw him out of a moving car. Our friend saw the bag move, picked it up, and gave Au to us.

It took Au some days to get over the fright. He wouldn't eat or drink. Then he became brave enough to venture out from under my T-shirt and from Tom's lap. He took one look at Scoop, our big cat from Kuching, and decided he liked the big cat.

Here is baby Au having one of his first meals in our home with his big pal Scoop standing next to him.

Scoop passed away two years ago but we still miss him. He was a wonderful person. Next week, I'll dig out some old pics of Scoop and tell you how he was a real street cat who joined our home.

If you've got a rescued fuzz in your home, drop a note in the comments box and join in a Feral Friday?


Anya said...

Hallo Ellen
Ja Kareltje was ook gevonden :(
Schrik niet hij zat in een doos,
gelukkig dat iemand hem vond,
wie weet ik niet.
Dat mochten ze bij t asiel niet vertellen.
Hij woont bij ons nu al 10 jaar en heeft een leven als een koning :))))))

Unknown said...

Oh my Au was such a cute kitten! I am so glad your friend found him and you took him in. :) Our Winnie came from an abandoned cabin at a Boy Scout camp and has been the sweetest addition to our family.

Mishkat said...

Oh, poor Au! That is a sad story. I'm so glad you found each other - and that is a wonderful photo of Au and Scoop!

All our cats are rescues but Tasha probably had the most dramatic story. She is a former feral who my husband rescued at the age of six weeks - her story is linked from the photo on our blog. (We usually don't do feral Friday because she already does Tortie Tuesday :)!)

Cory said...

All 8 of us kitties are rescues, at one time or another all of our stories have been posted on the blog, but we all share the common bond of having been abandoned at one point in our lives.

Au was a sweet little baby. We just can't understand how some sub-humans could throw a little baby kitten out a car window. Purrs to you for giving him a wonderful home.

BeadedTail said...

Au was such a cute little kitten. I don't know how anyone can do such horrible things to him but thankfully you found each other and he has a wonderful life now.

Naddy said...

they are evil!

now au has transformed into a pampered one, thanks to people like u.

Ebie said...

Au's is a sad story but a happy ending. He found a lovely home who showed a loving act of kindness.

Kay said...

Snoopy is also rescued from a BBQ pit (trapped between wire rack) in Feb this year. I brought him to the vet who then estimated his age to be about 8 weeks old.

He is now living like a little (demanding) Prince of Siam at my humble abode. :-)

Luna said...

Au is adorable and very lucky boy to be rescued for so good people.You have a good heart!This is a sad story but with a "happy"end!Thanks for sharing!

says Melanie said...

My 3 cats are from the streets. Their parents passed away soon after they left the babies with us. We took them in and they are still with us.

I had another kitten that resembles Au very much. He passed away after being run over by a speeding car.

Pam said...

Poor Au! We have had several cats over the years that have been thrown out or abandoned.
I'm glad that Au came to live with you and got a wonderful home!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for rescuing Au - he is a lucky cat to have foundyou. Visit our blog for Ivy's story!

Debra Taylor said...

Au is so cute! and what a wonderful rescue story. Sometimes I cannot fathom how some people can be so cruel to such sweet creatures.

Our Tiger Lily was originally feral - we rescued her from an attack by 3 dogs who severed one of her back legs back in 11/2007. Now she is a happy member of our home. You could read about her on my blog

I have added you to my blog list - could you add me to yours?


Bruce said...

Thank you for rescuing Au. What a happy life he has now:)

Parker said...

Au is adorable!
ps - thanks for the positive thoughts for my Mommy, we know that they helped!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Au looks very sweet. Good job rescuing him. Is he named after the atomic symbol for gold?

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Ellen, the photo and story made me want to bawl my eyes out! Au was a lovely little baby! And I miss Scoop too. I used to love reading about him in your column.

Chloe was adopted from the SPCA. Pixie and Daisy were both ferals. Halle was an abandoned pet. Shadow and Mini-Me were both born in my house to a semi-feral mother who has since been adopted. More than half my rescuees who have since been adopted were ferals.

firethorn said...

I miss Scoop. I was heartbroken when I got to know he passed away in the Star's column. This post reminds me of him.

Dora said...

Baby Au is sooooo cute! :D

Kitikata-san said...

I miss seeing Scoop, so it is a nice photo here with Scoop. Au was so little! I am glad you rescued Au!


I am so happy you saved Au! :)
Happiness always for you! ♥
I can't believe some one could be so terrible as to throw a kitten out of
a car! Totally heartless!