Friday, November 06, 2009

Au speaks as guest blogger on Bibliobuli

While Target and I rushed to Kuantan for emergency help, Au was holding court. He guest blogged at Bibliobuli, Malaysia's most popular and best known book blog. Of course, Au talked all about himself.

Helo reederz. i dont do intervoows ewesualy but as Sharon sends homidge often i haf graceeousli agreed to tak two yoo. And too tipe it myself. There is no need to fank me; just send a rost chikkin.

Sharon aksed me to shair my eksperiences as a faymus kat. Wel, what kan i say? i have always been a top kat so i am used to kontinual adorasyun."

For the rest of Au's post, visit Bibliobuli


Pam said...

Lol! That Au is almost as talkative as Sassie. : )

Cherh Yun said...

Haha, great attempt Au~!
But maybe you need to attend some spelling classes...LOL!

Naddy said...

hehe i like au too, but i adore target more.

Fara said... cute;)