Thursday, November 05, 2009

Target Getting Better

Thank you for the purrs and the prayers. I was touched that friends said prayers in church, the mosque, Buddhist and Hindu temples, and also thought for us, and otherwise petitioned the universe on Target's behalf. IT WORKED! Target is whole and fine again.

As it turned out, Target had a dislocated paw. The elbow bone had come out of its socket completely. Our vet was away, so we visited another vet - one who has an xray machine.

Dr Vijay of Healing Rooms was great. He was kind to Target, diagnosed the problem, and told us it was so bad, we'd need a specialist.

The local specialist was abroad, so we traveled 300 km to Kuantan to visit Dr Puah at the East Coast Medical Centre. He examined Target, knocked him out and managed to fix it without an operation.

Target was an angel throughout the whole thing. His paw is a the proper angle although a little swollen. He's now recovering in bed.

Thing is, Target has to be an indoor cat for the next 6 weeks. He is not allowed to jump up and bash himself about. So this means Au is housebound too. This is how Au looked when we told him the bad news.

More about sore paws and travels with Target on Friday. In the meantime, here are the guys that Target owes his paw too....

East Coast Medical Centre A615, Ground Floor, Jalan Beserah, 25300 Kuantan, Tel: 09 568 7168, 013-349 3920, Fax: 09 568 7168

Healing Rooms Vet Clinic, Lot 29,Ground floor,Wisma Dicor,Jln SS17/1A,SS17 Subang Jaya,47500 Petaling Jaya,Selangor. Tel:03-5637 6166


Anonymous said...

hi ellen,

so glad target is much, much better! i am also happy that help is available- that the vets are connected enough to advise where to go. i think that's awesome. i only hope that in times of emergency for me help like this will come by easily :)

Ginger said...

I am so happy he is well again. It sounds like a freakish thing.

thatdesigngal said...

I'm so happy to hear that he is well! Whew. That's fantastic! YAY! I hope the 6 weeks goes quickly for the little ones so that they can get back to normal life! :-)

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We hope that Targets paws get better fast! We are sorry he hurt himself! We think that photo is great!

Cory said...

Oh sweetie Target! We are so happy you will be ok! Be good and heal up and don't fuss too much about being indoors. Maybe you can get extra treats?

bibliobibuli said...

phew! so relived about Target!

thanks also for the info on vets - very useful indeed

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I am so glad that Target is doing well! YEAH!

Dizzyjules said...

I'm sure Au wouldn't mind doing this for his junior partner. Of course do expect to be handing out more bribes :-D

The Oceanside Animals said...

Glad his paw is doing better!

Gattina said...

Happy to hear that he is OK again, but staying inside for 3 weeks, he probably will not be very happy, lol !
You must love him to pieces that you drove 300 km to see a vet with him !
When I think we have at least 10 here in our little Waterloo !

We love Luna said...

I'm so happy that Target is recovering well!
All our purrs and prayers for him and your all family cat!

Mishkat said...

I'm glad Target is all right! The cats and I am sending him many purrs.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad Target is feeling better! I know it will be hard keeping them in for so long when they are used to coming and going as they please. Hope they don't drive you too crazy lol!

Anya said...

Sorry dat ik zo laat ben :(
Ik had een zware verkoudheid !!
Het gaat nu gelukkig beter :)))
(Je bent de eerste die ik vandaag bezoek ik lig achter ;)

Fijn om te lezen dat het beter gaat ik heb iedere dag aan hem gedacht.
Het zal wel ff wennen zijn dat hij niet naar buiten mag
Geef hem maar een dikke knuffel van ons :))))

Pam said...

Yea for feeling better! Poor Au. I bet he is thinking unhappy thoughts.
Sassie stays in the house, but when we had her spayed she couldn't jump around for a week. It about killed her!

Cat with a Garden said...

A dislocated paw! Oh my, oh my. It's great that the doc was able to put it in place without operating. We hope the sweet boy will recover fast. Staying indoors is a bit boring at times, but we're sure you humans will do everything for the cat's entertainment. ; ) We say new treats and toys have to be brought to the house!
We'll be sending healing purrs.
Siena & Chilli