Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Writers Craft Online: Get visible in search engines

Aren't making it in the top ten results for Google, Yahoo and other search engines. META Tags can help boost your visibility.

META tags are not visible on the web page itself, but they are invaluable for storing information about your web page and essential for advertising your web site correctly in some search engine and web directories.

You can use the tags containing a description of your site, identifying the author, the keywords and description of the page.

For example, if you click on View, Site Source for my Logomania book page (you didn't think I'd miss an opportunity for a plug, did you????) you'll see these META tags at the top of the page...

meta name="description" content="Katz Tales and Logomania books by Ellen Whyte, plus beginner's Guides to email, corporate web design, newsgroups, cv writing and more."

meta name="Copyright" content="Copyright 1999 - 2010 Inkblot Sdn Bhd"

meta name="Author" content="Inkblot Sdn Bhd"

meta name="Keywords" content="logomania, the star malaysia, mind our english, etymology, origin of phrases, where words come from, improve your english, english as a second language, malaysia, ellen whyte, MPH publishing house"

If you use META tags to describe your site, many search engines will use these to index your site. Otherwise they use the first thirty words which appear on your site.

META Tags give you have more control over how your site description appears to potential visitors. You can use keywords that appear, like Katz Tales and related phrases that do not actually appear, like The Star Weekender and cat stories, that help the search engine make meaningful matches.

For search engines which ignore descriptions inserted in META tags the first sentence of your site will show up in search engines results to give surfers an idea of what is included in your site, so it's also important to make the first sentence count.

That's it for this week for Monday Writers Craft Online. Hope to see you tomorrow for Katz Tales or next week for more writer stuff.

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The Chair Speaks said...

Thanks Ellen. This is informative.

Ellen Whyte said...

Sorry it's all in a mess; re-organising the blog....

Ruth in Singapore said...

I never knew this, Ellen. Tq!

Anya said...

Oh, kom maar eens kijken,
wat ik in mijn schoentje vind.
Alles gekregen, van de goede Sint.
Een pop met krullen in haar haar,
een snoezig kleedje kant en klaar,
drie kaatsenballen in een net,
een letter van banket.
Oh, kom maar eens kijken,
wat ik in mijn schoentje vind.
Alles gekregen van de goede Sint..

Ken je het nog :-)
groetjes Ellen van Zwarte Piet

Ailurophile said...

Wow.. Many congratulations on both your books. How awesome. Hope they find many many readers in and beyond Malaysia.

I've read about meta tags too but am not quite sure how to incorporate them in a blogger blog. Thanks for the informative tutorial though.

Sorry I've been away but it's good to be back. Hope all has been going well with Au and Target. Take care, and have a great week :)

Anonymous said...

I like this. Very useful.