Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Writers Craft Online: Leon Wing guest blogs

Leon Wing is a wellknown Malaysian writer and blogger. I met him a few weeks ago at Readings, a writers group inspired by Sharon Bakar from Bibliobibuli and found him an interesting man to talk to. Checking out his blog, I was surprised to see that despite the few comments, there are many people who link to him! So I asked him to guest blog here, so we can all learn how to promote out work online.

Here he is, *drumroll* Leon...

I was actually quite astounded when Ellen asked me to guest blog here about how my blog acquired 200 links or thereabout. At first I was thinking this was about the other two blogs,, for which I write about poems, oftentimes taking them apart to show the mechanics; and, for which I edit. _No_, this is for

In this, my personal blog, I write, or rather, review books I’ve finished reading. And, I can tell you for a fact that I go through quite a number in a short space of time: two to four books in a week or so. I would be reading a book I bought, always from my favourite book store in the city, Kinokuniya (; and another – or 2 or all – I’ve taken out from the city's National Library.

For borrowed books, I used to frequent The British Council's library. When I was little and could read, I used to climb with my little legs the long, long winding stone steps, all the way up, to a little hill, Bukit Aman, which housed the Brit Council’s premises and its library. This was where I first discovered, like treasures, books, most of them hardbacks – back then the library did not deign to house paperbacks – by such writers as Beryl Bainbridge and Muriel Spark, for the first time. A few years back BC decided to close almost all its libraries outside of Britain. You can imagine how devastated someone like me was: I couldn't just read one book a week – I needed my 4 to 5 books ration every month. Luckily I re-discovered The National Library. When I had the BC library then, I, unashamedly, snubbed the Nat. Now, I quite like it, whenever I happen to come across some new book.

The rest of the books I would be reading would include ebooks, read from my PDA and, sometimes, my phone.

I’m still clueless about the large number of links to my blog. But, I’m guessing my Twitter could have helped a bit: I would squeeze into 140 characters of information and a link to my blog after every book I finish. Unlike the other website for which I edit, I do not rely so much on linking using some directory listing site, like There, what you do is submit your site's web address, so that other members could find and propagate and link it.

Even when I've said about my not using such sites, I really think it is a good idea to use them. You might even like to try out others, like, and For Malaysian blogs, sign yourself up at

Oh yes, another thing that would help. I’m sure you could be facebooking, even now itself, while reading this posting. In Facebook join the group NetworkedBlogs. This one is similar to the few directory sites I just mentioned. Another one, in Facebook, is Simplaris Blogcast. Every time you’ve done posting anything to your blog, go there and update it. Within seconds all your FB friends would be able to see your blog's links.

And finally, of course, you must have something interesting to blog about; something your readers would want to stop by and spend time in your Web space and enjoy reading from.


The Oceanside Animals said...

Ah, promotion ... something I'm terrible at, as you know. (Fortunately, Dennis is much better at it than I am.)

Pam said...

Hmmm, I rarely visit facebook. I have not linked up my blog or tried twittering. Maybe there is something to this.
Did you decide if Susan Kearney sounded interesting to you?

I laughed about your mom not being able to read all your information. My daughter does not mind if I blog about her at all. As a matter of fact, she and her two best friends (none of whom have blogs) stop by and check out the posts and complain if I am not writing about them!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of work!

Ellen Whyte said...

I'm twittering and facebooking and am hoping to connect with more people too...

BeadedTail said...

I'm horrible at promotion so thanks for the info! I'm also refusing to get on Facebook for as long as I can since it's such a time consumer.

The Chair Speaks said...

Thanks Ellen for having Leon to guest blog.

His mention about climbing the long, long winding stone steps, all the way up, to the little hill, to British Council brought back pleasant memories.

I, too, used to frequent British Council to read and borrow books when the Book Club behind the Selangor Padang was closed.

This was 30 years ago when we did not have computers or Facebook or Twitter.

Anonymous said...
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