Friday, December 18, 2009

Repost Friday: The Alpha Dog Myth and The Perfect Mate

Dog Talk is out tomorrow in the print version of The Star, Weekender section. It's all about how doggy social life and how scientists who thought they had it licked 20 years ago are now saying they got it all wrong. Apparently hierarchy schemes, dominance, and all that sort of stuff just doesn't happen in natural dog or wolf society. Plus, the story features Bushy, my Yorkshire terrier friend from across the street.

As promised, here are some links on this topic:

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All about new wolf research

Discover more about Mech, the man who studies wild wolves

New thought training tips

Wild wolf researcher blog

And here is a repost from Monday, July 24, 2006 The Perfect Mate...

Lunch with a pal last week turned into a discussion about life, love and loneliness. As he has a nice house with a garden, and is at home quite a bit, I suggested he give a home to a stray - or preferably two!

The discussion quickly turned to the merits of cats versus dogs. A non-animal lover who was no doubt bored witless by my enthusiasm, my pal cut me short after a generous ten minutes by saying,

"I value independence, loyalty, intelligence, and hard work. I want a companion who can look after themselves if I'm busy but who isn't standoffish when I'm in the mood to play games. I also like beauty and I think family are important so it will have to be a pedigree of some kind. But I can't figure it out, should I get a dog for it's loyalty and capacity to work or a cat because of it's independence and brains?"

Stunned by this catalogue I answered before engaging my brain, "No wonder you're single!" I gasped. He bought me lunch, but I don't think he's forgiven me.

PS the picture is Haurvatat or Khordad, the personification of perfection according to Persian mythology. This image is courtesy of Hannah M.G. Shapero whose scholarly specialty is the ancient and still-living religion of ZOROASTRIANISM.

PPS My pal is still single and decided not to take on a pet either. But he has forgiven me!

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Cheyenne -Millie said...

I would say cats win over the dogs! We live with a dog who really sometimes thinks that he is a cat!

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! It's never too late for a cat ! a dog wouldn't be suitable for him. I don't recommend a woman either !

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gattina! Your friend doesn't deserve a cat but maybe it would soften his heart to other beings!

Dora said...

2 new books. Congrats to u!