Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday Writers Craft Online: The Real Enemy Is Your ISP

Hopefully this post will be put up. I say hopefully because since March my "broadband" connection has been slower than the old 14.4 dial-up modem used to provide.

Jaring, my ISP, have given me several reasons why this should be so (all blaming me of course!) but none of their so-called solutions have worked. In despair I turned to a friend who suggested the whole problem may be my modem.

He did some research for me (thanks, Bobbi!) and it seems my neighbours get a fine connection, just like the one I got from April 2007 till March 2009.

Bobbi suggested it may be my wireless modem at fault. He also discovered my wireless modem sold to me by Jaring is now out of warranty.

My cynical side assumes these modems are made to fail shortly after the warranty is over, and funnily enough that's the one thing Jaring has not suggested may be at fault.

As Jaring won't do house calls (!!!!!) I can't confirm Bobbi's hunch, so my only chance is to have someone look at the modem. I am taking everything down to my local computer shop in the hope that they can help.

As I have been paying RM79 or so a month for zero service since March, I am not a happy bunny.

If you are an online writer, take it from me: your biggest obstacle to success is the sucky ISP.

Cross your fingers for me that my man at the shop can fix this problem for me. And if there is no Cats on Tuesday tomorrow, and I don't visit you, put the blame where it belongs: on my utterly sucky ISP.


Mekkan said...

A broadband connection which is frequently slow is so irritating. Hope you'll find a better way soon to get rid of this. Do they give you a new modem? Hopefully.

Mishkat said...

I hope it's an easily resolvable problem - wishing you all the best!

P.S. Apologies for not visiting - I had the wrong link bookmarked.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello dear friends!
oh gosh, these problems with bad connection is not cool in fact!I hate when it happens here! :(
Have a great week there!
purrs and love

Amy & the house of cats said...

We always have slow connections at our house even with broadband. I guess it is a universal truth - ISP's will be sucky no matter where you are! Good luck!!

Pam said...

Well that stinks. I have been missing your visits! Our ip has been really slow lately too. I think its our fault here though. My daughter has so much stuff on the computer it causes it to run slower. Even she admits it!

Angel Simba said...

Thanks for your visits to my blog. Good luck regarding your modem!


I had the same problem earlier this
year and it was a blame game. The
ISP service blamed the tele company and the tele company blamed the ISP service.... then the modem, then the second modem and finally the third modem and the tele lines. Oh I forgot the geek squad was here too. It seemed it just mattered who was to blame so someone would foot the bill.
It wasn't me, so who exactly ended up with the bill i don't know. I hope yours gets resolved quicker!
Good luck!

Naddy said...

that sucks big time