Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Writers Craft Online: Clicks Versus Comments

Figuring out how many eyeballs blog posts get isn’t easy. I'm using Google Analytics and Blog Tracker but I'm not confident I am getting a clear picture of what's happening.

I’m getting about 2000 visitors per month and about 3000 page views. About 1000 are from Malaysia, about 300 from the US and about 200 from Australia. The rest are from all over.

I'm not sure if these things count the number of hits I get through Facebook links, and I'm still unclear what posts are most popular, or peak hours when people come.

Writer's tip: What is clear is that since I started blogging 6 days a week, my traffic has increased. If you want to build traffic, you've got to have a near daily offering.

What's also interesting is that only 20 or so people ever leave a comment. I'm always curious why so many other readers don't leave a comment, so when I meet people who tell me how much they like my blog and visit often, I quiz them (hopefully I don't put them off!)

One pal says she doesn't participate because she knows me so she can tell me what she thinks. But that lovely girl I met in the park two weeks ago said it's because she didn't know me and she thought it a bit mahlu (shymaking) to write in the comment box.

Hmm. Thing is, I use my blog to leverage my writing like Katz Tales and Dog Talk that appear in The Star, the Malaysian national daily, and my books Katz Tales and Logomania. If I think the blog isn't working to boost my other work, I will stop writing entries.

Hits are hard-to-discern signs of success but comments are nice and visible. I'm going to try and think of ways to boost the ratio of visitors who leave comments. In the meantime, if you like this blog, leave me a comment, please? Pretty please?


Neri said...

Loyal reader here! Though I might not leave comments on every posts :).I love both of your writings online and offline! It always makes my day so please please don't stop!

Lorenza said...

I love your blog and posts and I try to leave a comment everytime I come to visit you!
Kisses and hugs

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Ellen,
Say pretty purrrlease more often and you'll be rewarded. har har har *evil laughs*

A Bookaholic said...

me me me!! :D

Katnip Lounge said...

Here you go!

I lurked for nearly two years before I started blogging and leaving I try to leave a comment for everyone, everyday I can, even if it's only a quick "hello".

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour sweet Ellen,
I need to say that mommy and I've always visited your blog, but sometimes ( I need to confess that) mommy can't deal with her "time",to leave a comment, she use to say something about "many things to do and her french homework...", but be sure your posts are very interesting and we love it!Good work!
have a nice week,
purrs and love
Luna - We love Luna and mommy Léia

mamagabeebee said...

I read your Katz and Other Tales few times a day. I love Au-meow and Targut very, very much. I feel very disappointed if I don't see any posts from Katz Tales and Au's twitter. Doesn't matter if it has been posted earlier months or years! I have colour printed all your posts and bound them into two books - COT and Au's Twitter. Keep printing them daily and on the way to my 2nd issues of both of them.

Simba said...

We'll be honest, we come for the cat-related posts, but we do find the other writing about Malaysia interesting too. Love the photo of the cats on the car!

Mishkat said...

I comment regularly on about half the blogs I read (including yours, of course!), and intermittently on the other ones. I understand about feeling "mahlu" - there are some blogs that make me feel that way (not yours!) Plus sometimes it's just hard to think of something to write :).

Anonymous said...

Lurkers are a strange lot. I have about the same on my blog, and looked at what they search for when they come across mine, which alot of times has nothing to do with my blog.

But here's the kicker: Google your blog name. The results are both informative and hilarious. I found a portion of one of my posts on the Christian Marriage web site. Go figure :-)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I've noticed that the hits that Wordpress reports per day have lately dropped by almost exactly the number of people who "Like" Dennis on Facebook. So I'm telling myself that it's not really that Dennis is losing followers, but that people are reading him on FB instead.