Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review Thursday: The Boy Who Talks To Ghosts

The Boy Who Talks To Ghosts
by Benny and Alice Wong
edited by Ralph Modder
Paperback 142 pages
Horizon Books 2006
ISBN: 9789810503918
Price: SGD13.00 (w/o GST)

In this book little Benny meets his aunt's ghost, finds the stash of money she has secreted away, fights demons intent on evil doings on this plane, and much more.  And it's all true, honest.

OK, this is not really a well written book.  Text is presented in block paragraphs.  The writing is choppy, full of exclamation marks, and sprinkled with flights into morality.  But I love it because this is exactly how people in Asia tell these sorts of tales.

I'll bet that this is one of those books foreigners who live in Asia love to give to visitors because it is undeniably a great insight into local culture.

If you see it, dip into it.  It's guaranteed irresistible.


A Bookaholic said...

all true?? did u manage to get a good night's sleep after reading the book??? **shiver**

Pam said...

While I was in St. Louis we watched a show on the most Haunted Places in America. We drove past one of the mansions earlier that day.
Of course, after getting lost so much I was ready to head to the Waverly Sanitorium and dump some kids down the haunted body chute. :)

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Dear Ellen,
I wish a ghost would come and tell me where to find a stash of money! I'd buy rice and milk and stuff for the needy with it and leave it on their doorsteps and run away!