Friday, August 20, 2010

Repost Friday: Crammed In Kitty

If you're in Malaysia, check out my article about Aranjuez in Spain in The Star Weekender tomorrow.

And in honour of Repost Friday....Scoop stuffed into the cupboard
This post originally appeared on the 7th day of the 7th month in 2007!  The cat gift basket is still going so be sure to send in pictures of your kitty.

There is plenty of space for all of us in our home but instead of taking advantage of our huge bed or the big rug in the hall, our junior cat Au is fast asleep inside his cardboard box while his senior colleague Scoop has elected to force himself into a cupboard filled to the brim with old newspapers.

Cats just love being crammed in tight spaces!

Cat lovers in Malaysia can win a Star Purina Cat Gift Basket prize by sending a picture of their kitty plus caption to:

Katz Tales
Star Publications
Menara Star
15 Jalan 16/11
Petaling Jaya 46350

You may also email the Editor at but please keep file sizes to a reasonable size so their mail box isn't overwhelmed.


Brian said...

Love the pictures! I would pick a spot like that too!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

I prefer the laundry basket especially when it's full of freshly laundered clothes....heaven.... purrr....meow!

Mekkan said...

Cats definitely sooth every human heart even our neighbor's cat that spends most of the hottest noon in our garden. I just hesitate to keep him/her away from our garden when I see him sleeping without a slightest idea that his neighbor will disturb his nap :)

Katnip Lounge said...

The smaller the spot, the more appealing it is...We don't call Johnny (at 20 pounds) Mister Smash for nothing!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

I remember reading this post in the papers! My cats love to squeeze into spaces too small for them too! Usually it's baskets or boxes. They look like mushrooms or muffin tops, with their legs squeezed into the narrow boxes and their big round bodies above!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I like small places too, but Eric prefers to stretch out.

Mishkat said...

That is such a great picture. Our cats LOVE newspapers (and boxes) - I think they must smell really good.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We like to squeeze into tight spaces too. Hannah keeps getting shut in cupboards - she slips in them even when the door is only open for a second!!

Jennifer Oberth said...

That is so cute and so true. The places these cats can get themselves into - and then look so graceful and SO comfortable you find yourself feeling jealous of how at peace they look! Their faces show nothing but sheer bliss!


Oh small spaces are the bestest!


Admiral Hestorb said...

Au, I also loves fitting my sweet self into a small space.

I have a tiny shallow box that I overflows out of. My favorite box.