Thursday, September 16, 2010

Review Thursday: Free Ebook New Malaysian Essays 3

Today is Malaysia Day, the anniversary of the day Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore joined to form Malaysia in 1963.

In order to celebrate, Amir Muhammad, the head of the Matahari Books publishing house, is giving away NEW MALAYSIAN ESSAYS 3 in an ebook format.

This is not a review as I haven't had a chance to read or download it yet.  But it promises to be well worth reading because the writers are known to discuss life in Malaysia in a very frank and open way - so open and so frank that Amir and his friends often find their works banned or censored.

The advance notice blurb says, "Take notes while Wong Chin Huat teaches you how to become a good demonstrator; take in the conflicted sweep of post-1969 cultural policy with Simon Soon; take a tour of the non-heterosexist nation that Clarissa Lee imagines from Merdeka to the present; and take stock of the situation of Peninsular Malaysia's indigenous people with Mor Ajani. We end with Sumitra Visvanathan inviting us to take refugees into our definition of what 'Malaysia, Truly Asia' could possibly be."

You can get it here.


Katnip Lounge said...

I am going to try and download this...from your blog I've become quite interested in life where you are.
MomKat Trish

Mishkat said...

Thanks for letting us know! This looks very interesting (great cover art too!)

Mishkat said...

P.S. Just downloaded it with no problem - thanks again.

bitsum said...

dear ms whyte!
i have a nutty cat lover, whom you remind me so much of and i would really love to get her your book as a birthday present!
I was wondering if you could send one over, i am willing to cover the postage! I live in Johor Bahru.
I was also wondering if you could, pretty pleases, give us an autographed one!
Do let me know!

Admiral Hestorb said...

I will have to download and see what it is. I know I will like it.

Admiral's mom

mamagabeebee said...

Just downloaded. Thank you very much. It's for my mummy. I will give it to her with all my love and your love too!

Ellen Whyte said...

Hi Bitsum,

I don't have your email. You can email me at katztales AT