Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review Thursday: Going Nowhere On A Train (ebook)

Going Nowhere On A Train
By Chris Perry
Ebook Inkslinger June 2010
Full length novel of 101,500 words
Contemporary Romance
Price: £1.49 (converts to about RM7.50, EUR1.80, US$2.30)

Have you ever sat on a train (or bus or plane or whatever), spotted someone you liked the look of but been too shy to say hello?  In Going Nowhere On A Train, Jude and Kate are in exactly that position.

Jude, who is on his way to a nigh to of clubbing with his friend Mark, takes one look at Kate and falls in love.

Kate is a stunningly gorgeous student who is on her way to see Jon, her football playing boyfriend who takes her to wild parties.

The two don’t speak, and go off to their various destinations.  However, a disastrous night of partying with far too much booze shows Kate that Jon may not be as nice as she thinks, and pushes Jude into writing a drunken email to a local radio DJ asking him to “get that girl from the train” to contact him.

Kate and Jude do meet but I won’t spoil the rest of the story for you.

What I will say that this story is very English.  The language and the clubbing party scene transport me straight back in the UK. 

It is also well-written story, good fun, and it really gives great insight into how the average English man in his 20s thinks.  Definitely worth an afternoon’s read.

Download the first chapter for free or buy the whole book in Kindle, PDF, and other formats from Inkslinger here.

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