Thursday, February 10, 2011

Au and Boris Update

Au is eating tiny meals several times a day but he's still skin over bone.  The vet says to be patient, so it's wait and see time.  Good news is that Au is grooming, perky, and interested in life.

Boris has been diagnosed with flea allergy dermatitis, a skin disease that comes from being allergic to flea saliva/bites.  Thing is, Boris has never had fleas!

The vet says this makes no difference as cats can get bitten by one flea, and get this irritation. 

As Boris has just had a course of medicine to reduce the itchiness, he recommended Frontlining him and applying some iodine to the various tiny scrapes he has. If Boris gets itchy again, then he needs more meds. 

So at present we're in a holding pattern. It's now 654AM and as Au hasn't had anything to eat since 430AM, I'm off to tempt him with some lamb.  Wish us success!

PS that pic of Boris posted yesterday was taken 2 weeks ago when he had an infected cut.


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Ah poor kids. Eat up Au!!!


Keep noming Au!!!
More noms = GOOD!!!!

Poor Boris. We are glad you now know what you are dealing with and that it;s being treated.


Angel Simba said...

Jonesie has had a problem with flea allergy too. You may wish to gather some advice from there. We hope both your kitties get right as rain soon!

Angel Simba said...

Jonesie has had a problem with flea allergy too. You may wish to gather some advice from there. We hope both your kitties get right as rain soon!

Mr Puddy said...

Au, you are doing good ! Keep it up !

I purrs purrs for both of you

Kea said...

Mom Kim here: You know I'm sending you MEGA positive vibes/Light for both Au and Boris! We all hope Au eats, eats, eats. Annie needs to eat, eat, eat too.

BTW, I think it's Jonesie at Cory Cat Blog who also has a severe flea allergy and has had recent problems from one (?) bite.

Katnip Lounge said...

Eat, Au, EAT! A holding pattern is better than downhill...Would Au eat Nutrical or something similiar? It's a high-calorie gel for Cats (or kittens) when their appetites are down. I get it at the pet stores in the US, but it's available on Amazon, too.
Poor Boris! I had a terrible case of poison ivy years ago, I can only imagine his itchy hide.

Brian said...

Keep eating Au, it's so good and good for you! Hang in there Boris, Mom is helping you!

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

The good news is that Au is eating and is perky and is grooming! When they are interested in grooming that is a great sign! Yes please be patient...I think he will eat more and will gain weight soon.

I am sorry about Boris...I don't understand how he could get that either if he never had a flea. Did the flea bite him and then leave?

If it is just a flea bite though that is good because he won't have to be on the meds for long.

thinking of you and hope both boys will be good as new soon! xoxo

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad Au is eating again and we hope he soon puts on some weight.

BeadedTail said...

Au, we hope you keep on eating to get that manly figure back! Boris, we hope your allergies clear up so you feel better too!

Marie said...

Keep eating Au! We need you to get better!!

And I hope Boris feels better soon too!!!!

Sending lots of kitty hugs and nose kisses from the furballs here :-)


Neri said...

slow and steady wins the race. i believe in you, Au! much, much huggsss (secretly of course)

Admiral Hestorb said...

Eat up Au..I am especially purring for you. xox (I like my man cats portly)

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Au dear, purrrrrlease eat more or else your mommy is gonna lose her hair for worrying too much.
And, as for you Boris, good luck with the allergy, mate. In our family, Tom is the one who's suffering from the same allergy. And it's hard to feed him medicine. purrr....meow!

Clooney said...

Ok we are definitely purring for the both of you and want you both to be feeling good ASAP!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

We all have our paws crossed and are purring for Au. Please eat, Au darling!
As for Boris, we're just so glad his allergy is treatable and he is getting better! He should be able to find a wonderful furever home soon!

GRAÇA said...

I'm very sorry for Au Co, and has no danger of catching?
Go on, get well soon, get adesarrumar drawers that you will see the turning that is!
Ronrons for Au and Boris Girlfriend

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh poor Boris,best wishes and a faster recover!
Hey Au, it's so nice that you are eating well, it's very good for you!
purrs and love

=^..^= said...

Keep chowing down, Au! You'll fatten up soon.

~Slash & Bronzy

Hannah and Lucy said...

Poor Boris having a flea allergy - he must have been so itchy.
We hope Au noms and then noms some more - he will soon get some meat on his bones then.

Old Kitty said...

Sweet Au - yay that you are eating and getting perkier!! Good luck with gorgeous Boris' flea allergy treatment - fingers crossed it works!! Hugs and purrs!! Take care

Cory said...

Jonesie's mom here:

Jonesie is so sensitive to any flea bite, probably made worse by her issues with recurrent rodent ulcers (immune system issues).

She is on a low dose of prednisone and also gets a topical spray on her bites to help her not scratch. The topical is Douxo. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we hope everything will get better soon. Wishing Au and Boris a good weekend!

Big hugs.

Barbara said...

Glad Au is still nomming - keep up the good work my boy! Poor Boris - Pod has an allergy to flea bites too, she had to have steroids to clear it. We keep her Frontlined regularly to try and stop it before it starts.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Au darling sweet boy, I beg you to eat more. Please. It's making me and mommy worry so much. Mom can ask me what I got if she sends word she wants to know. Maybe the vet can prescribe it for you as well. I ate and drank like 3 cats every day.

Splendid Little Stars said...

aawwww....poor little kitties! get well!!
Rollebollebeest--Is that a Richard Scarry book?